Part 1

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A/N: the reason I created the character of Ellie for this story was so that the reader can sort of picture themselves as her. This came from the idea that you probably want to be with Merlin, but on the other hand you really want him to be with Arthur. Enjoy! :)

Merlin awoke with a jolt. He'd had the dream yet again. The same dream he'd been having for a little over a thousand years. A dream in which a boy with hair like the sun called to him, reached out to him. Sometimes he said different things to Merlin.

"I'm here, Merlin."

"Merlin, where are you?"

"I'm coming back. I will rise again."

And, worst of all:

"Why did you let me die, Merlin? Why couldn't you save me?"

That one only came at times when Merlin was feeling particularly guilt-ridden about Arthur's death. He'd spent countless years going over their time together in his head, thinking of all the things he would change, things he'd do differently. Merlin lived a haunted existence, filled with the ghosts of his past and the burden of regret. He had a very motivating purpose though, to continue living through all these years. It was Kilgharrah's prophecy that Arthur would return. Merlin hoped against all hope that this time would come and he would be reunited with his King.

This time, Merlin's dream had been different from any before. This time Arthur said something he'd never said before.


The phrase was repeated over and over again until it startled Merlin from his slumber. He sat bolt upright in bed and looked around his modest bedroom. Bits of morning sun spilled into the room from between the window blinds. He smelt the faint scent of coffee, probably lingering from Ellie's early morning rise. She had always been a morning person, rising before dawn. Merlin, on the other hand was a night owl. He'd spent many nights lying awake seeing Arthur in the dark. Seeing Arthur in everything. Nothing had lessened Arthur's memory. Not even a thousand years.

Merlin had met Ellie roughly 300 years ago, give or take. She had been a victim of the horrific Salem witch trials in Massachusetts, one of the few who actually did possess magic.

Initially after Arthur's death, Merlin stayed in Camelot to support Gwen and live out the lives of his precious friends that remained. Eventually, Merlin had to say goodbye to all his friends, and just like that, everyone who he had loved in the world was gone. Merlin stuck around for another few decades, still hoping that Arthur's return would be soon. Eventually, he realized the return might still be decades away, centuries even. He decided to travel the vast world and see what it had to offer. He did not expect to find much in way of happiness-nothing could fill the hole that Arthur left-but he felt, being able to live as long as he wanted, that he should travel the world. Eventually his travels took him to America, where he had heard that witches were being prosecuted. In his time at Camelot-what he liked to refer to as his "original life"-magic had become accepted, largely thanks to Gwen, whose Queenly influence had effect on many. Sorcery was no longer outlawed and few protested. But as Camelot's reign waned and new governments and nations formed and expanded, magic once again became hidden. The world became a much larger place, one that placed little stock in anything supernatural. Those with magical abilities hid them, but least they were not openly opposed and prosecuted as they had been by Uther. Most people no longer believed in magic. Sorcerers mostly hid their gifts, only confiding in others that had magical powers.

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