pt 49.

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| 𝚃𝚑𝚒𝚛𝚍 𝙿𝚎𝚛𝚜𝚘𝚗 |


Nadia lifted her head up slowly squinting her eyes at the bright light shining through the window directly in face.

She looked down seeing she was completely naked and her fiance knocked out under her.

She sat up completely noticing his dick was still inside her making her laugh a little.

"Baby" she mumbled tapping him lightly.

"Baby get up" she yawned seeing his eyes were opening.

"Come on baby get up and please take your dick out of me please"

"Oh shit my fault" he mumbled taking it out of her as she climbed off of him.

"And we need a shower plus you fucked up my hair" she frowned touching it.

"Ill pay for it later-"

"No its your birthday you're not paying or buying me anything" she denied grabbing her own towel wrapping it around her body.

"Its only like 200-300 dollars that ain't shit" he shrugged getting up from the bed.

"Yea 200-300 dollars you dont need to waste on me on YOUR birthday just let me spoil you today and you can do whatever you want tomorrow" she smiled walking to the bathroom.

He shook his head rubbing his eyes looking down seeing his dick was still hard.

"Only something good pussy can do" he mumbled.


Nadia's mother huffed hearing her grandson loudly crying again at 8 in the morning.

She hasn't fed him since he was there last night starving him until now.

She kept him in her dog's cage since he didn't behave good starving him to sleep and leaving him in a cramped space to lay uncomfortable in.

She stood up from her rubbing the crust from her eyes ignoring his irritating cries heading to her bathroom to brush her teeth.

"Mamaaa!" He cried louder as she rolled her eyes while brushing her teeth until she heard the front door opening.

"Baby I'm home!" Her husband yelled closing the door and locking it.

"Where's fat man?!" He asked looking around the house.

She shrugged her shoulders heading out the bathroom towards her kitchen ignoring his question.

"Tamia where's Tamari?" He repeated putting his work bag down hearing a cry from the other side of the house.

He eyed her weirdly going towards the back of the house hearing the cries get louder and louder.

His eyes widen seeing his grandson in there dog cage crying until his whole body was red.

"No no man" he mumbled dropping to the floor fumbling to open the cage door.

"Its okay man stop crying" his grandpa assured carefully taking him out the cage.

"Stop crying fat its alright" he spoke trying to calm him done.

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