Chapter 5: Jaylise, Eliana & Emmanuel VS The Masked Man

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Round 1. FIGHT! Emmanuel picks out his hoodie pocket and takes out his Deagle. Emmanuel then, slightly cocks the gun for fighting. Jaylise grabs her black ax for fighting. Eliana brings out her SMG for fighting. The Masked Man swung his right arm by making a tiger-headed snake. "Devour." The Masked Man said. "HOLY SHIT, HOW CAN HE DO THAT???" Emmanuel yelled and mouth dropped. "I got this!" Jaylise said. As the tiger-headed snake approaches, Jaylise dashes, & jumps that cut the head off. "EAT THIS!!" Jaylise yelled. Jaylise's ax made a loud metal noise that almost broke her ax off. "Interesting." The Masked Man said. "Come along." The Masked said. The Masked Man's arms make a circle and manufactures the dead. "Charge." The Masked Man said. "OH, GOD!!! ARE THOSE PEOPLE WHO DIED LONG AGO??!" Emmanuel yelled. "Let me take care of this!" Eliana said. "Eliana ducked down and hold'd the trigger and killed all the dead. "Bullseye." Eliana said. "Hmph. One more time." The Masked Man said. The Masked Man held up both of his hands up in the sky and flew up in the sky. "Guess, I'll do this myself." The Masked Man said. "HE-HE CAN FLY?!" Jaylise yelled. Round 2. FIGHT! Physic Attack: Cycle Shot!! The Masked Man's arms was aiming next to the car, and was shooting red Kryptonite-Lithium Missles. "LOOK OUT!!!" Eliana yelled. The kids both got out of the car and it struck the car. "WAUGH!! OK, BYE BYE CAR!! HOPE, MOM AND DAD DON'T KILL ME!!" Jaycen said as he unbuckles and gets out quickly inside the car. "This, is my only hope. Do it, for L." Jaylise whispered next to her ax. "BE GONE, MOTHERFUCKER!!!" Jaylise yelled as she threw her ax like a bangarang. The ax struck the Masked Man's face and his mask took off. "AHHH!! MY FACE!!" The Masked Man yelled in pain. 

"OH MY GOD, I DID IT!!! LET'S SEE WHO THIS PERSON IS!!" Jaylise yelled. "It's over, whoever you are! Now look at us!" Emmanuel said. The Masked Man was still on the ground grunting and groaning as he got up. Who could it be??

To be continued...

10/11/22 11:59 am.

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