Living Again~ Thirty-Two

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I took in her frail appearance, from the clumps of make-up in between her wrinkles to her wide brown eyes. Those eyes which used to shine with laughter, now dull and old. They say we have the same eyes, I inherited the pretty brown eyes from her. She opened her mouth to say something but decided against it, and her taut lips shut once again. Her white hair was tied back in a messy bun behind her head. I couldn't stop staring down at her worn-out face, so familiar yet so unrecognisable. Something was different about it. Yet I knew her instantly after just a glance, I would always know her.

Finally I found my voice, "Grandma?" She smiled warmly, her faded pink lips stretching to the sides. "Grandma!"

I hugged her tightly, until I realised her body felt so fragile, so I tried to embraced her gently, resisting the urge. She pulled back, grabbing my elbows to look at me, her eyes shone and became teary. Just looking at her tear up made me cry too and soon enough we were hugging, crying and laughing all at the same time.

Suddenly I became aware of everyone else in the living room, most of them were looking at us, grinning at our reunion. I looked back and my grandma and she spoke, her voice more rougher and croakier than I remembered, "Rissa, finally I get to see my little girl! Don't you ever do that again!"

I guiltily shook my head, "I won't gramma, never."

She nodded, "We have so much to talk about, tell me what you have been up to!"

I opened my mouth to speak but behind my grandma, Aunt Mary appeared and said lightly, "You two have all weekend to catch up, but for now, gramma needs to rest."

I was disappointed but agreed it was best that she took a nap first. I went on to meet with my cousins and did some small talk with them. Carey, who was only a few months younger than me, lead me to her room where I would be sleeping. I put my bags there and joined her on the sofa inside her walk-in closet.

"So.." she began hesitantly, "What's up?"

I laughed nervously then blurted out, "I'm sorry for avoiding you. I just.. I don't know.. I thought the more time I spend with my family the more I will miss mom and dad."

A comfortable silence followed as she took in my explanation then said, "Is that why you didn't even try to meet gramma?"

"Yes. Gramma looks so much like Mom. And even the things she says, everything reminds me of my Mom."

"I guess I understand why you had to stay away."

I smiled, "But I'm back now and things are going to be just the way they were. Coming here and meeting you all made me realise that I DO need you guys in my life. Specially you and Gramma, I was so shocked to see her. I don't know why, but I guess I'm too good at shutting things out of my head that I didn't even acknowledge the fact that Gramma would be here with the rest of the family. I feel stupid now. But if she really was anxious to see me, she could have visited me right? I mean, did Claire tell her not to or something?"

She took a deep breath in, stalling. Then she began fumbling with the hem of her long sleeves. Anyone who knew Carey well would know that she's trying to avoid something.

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