The Mission Pt. 1

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"So she finally was able to use her powers?" Jungkook asks in the car

"No, she reached out to me through Michael and I's bond. I guess your bond wasn't strong enough because she wasn't in her own body." Ella explains, once again to the guys as she drives.

They had set out on their way to the facility. It was dark, and had just reached 2 am; the guys were in the back securing their gear.

"So the plan is clear?" Jin wonders, "Jungkook you're going to use your telepathy to let Michael know we're there. Yoongi will go with you so that you have someone with an active power with you."

"Telekinesis is an active power." Jungkook pouts

" is... no one said it isn't but my fire will help and if needed I can always slip into my second form, which I am a pro at now," Yoongi said before smirking

He's not wrong. The boys had been practicing nonstop to make sure that they had the means to save you.

"Yoongi quit being an ass. Taehyung will go with Jimin and Jin...Taehyung will use his electricity to cut the lights and since Jimin can see in the dark and can see auras, he will lead you to that doctor..." Namjoon explained

"Myself, Hoseok, Ella, and Elise will head toward the witch... we all know what to do when we get there right?" Namjoon glanced at Hoseok, Elise, and Ella.

Hoseok nodded but Namjoon noticed the side look that Ella gave Elise.

He was worried; this plan could not go wrong, it couldn't. They were so close to getting you. They just had to separate you.


The first Witch walks around the room. Her long black gown trailed behind her as she watched over people's shoulders.

"They'll be here any moment," Travis said to her as she walked past him.

"I'm aware," she answered, "where's Alan?"

"I'm not sure—"

"Don't lie to me, Travis." She said without glancing at him as she stared at this abundance of screens.

Travis chuckled nervously, "I had some of our guys--"

"Our?" she interrupted

"Your guys take him into a cell." he corrected himself

"Why?" she asked

"Well, I just have a feeling that he's not really with us. I feel as though...." Travis was nervous, to be honest with the witch and she knew this.

She sighed annoyed and turned to face him with a sweet smile, "You feel as though he's not with us? Do you trust this feeling?"

Travis gulped but nodded his head.

"Fine; he'll stay where he is then." she turned back around and continued watching the cameras, waiting for them to come.

She wasn't nervous, no. Instead, she was excited for them to come. She hadn't fought like this since the first time she was killed. The reasoning for which no one but herself and the ones who killed her truly know.

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