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* * * *

    Making it to school, I walk up to Finney and Gwen.

    Gwen notices me, immediately running up to me. Engulfing me in a big, tight hug.

    I, hugging back. Patting Gwenny on her head.

    "Where you've been, Y/N??" Gwen questions,

    "Oh, y'know. Just had to go somewhere, real quick. I'm here now, though!" I laugh, letting go.

    "Ya. You're right. Thought you ended up missing, or something." Hearing that caused me to wince,

    "Well, I'm gonna go with my friends now! See ya, kid!" Gwen smiles, skipping away.

    Walking up to Finn, we both start walking inside the school building.

    "Where's Robin?" I ask, turning to look at Finn.

    "In the office. Got in another fight."

    "Another??" Finn nods,

    "Ya. The times when you will be absent, it's been tough for him. Gets easily aggravated. People joke about you going missing, causing Robin to start fights." Finn explains, continuing to look forward.

    Looking down, I let out a single

    "Oh." Finn nudges my shoulder, smiling.

    "He'll be alright. Now, let's go."


    While working with my partner, I see Finn get up to go use the bathroom.

    After a while of working, it was now 'Five Minutes Free time' time.

    Continuing to work, I see Donna walk up to me.

    Donna stands besides me, causing me to look up at her.

    "Hey, is it alright if I sit with you? For a bit? Till your brother comes back, of course." Donna says, smiling kindly.

    I nod,
    "Ya, sure." I say, shrugging.

    Donna sits down besides me.

    "I see how strong of a bond you have, with your siblings. It's sweet. I wish I had that type of bond with my brother." I smile, slightly.


    "Mhm! Uhm- if you don't mind me asking....why haven't you been here? You've been absent, a lot." Donna points out, sounding worried.

    I look down, fidgeting in my seat a bit.

    "Oh. Well, things just been a bit hard lately, is all...." I reply, dryly.

    "Oh, I see. That's understandable." Donna says, looking ahead.

    "It's so strange...." Confused, I look at Donna.

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