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Surely you are aware of the legend of the word "Macbeth". The idea that it is bad luck to say the word in a theater. Many believe that if this word is said in the theater it causes horrible misfortune. There are numerous theories as to why this may be.

Some people believe that Shakespeare took lines from an actual coven of witches who then took great offense when they saw the play, and so cursed it. Another theory states that the man in charge of props could not find a suitable pot for a cauldron in the play, and so stole one from the coven of witches who then cursed the play in revenge.

It is believed that saying the name of the play breaks the taboo, and angers the witches, who appear as spirits and cause mishaps to happen during the production. This is where the story gets real. Superstition or not, people who say the word in a theater, jokingly or not, have suffered from horrible accidents which are often fatal. During the first premiere of the play, one of the actors who said the word died tragically on stage after a real dagger was used in the place of a prop. Due to the large number of fight scenes in the play, accidents like this are incredibly common. Not everyone dies, but many people over the years have ended up severely injured after saying the name of the play.

Shakespeare himself also once used the curse to guarantee that nobody other that himself would be able to direct the play. He used it before a performance to King James I and the Scottish Heritage. When word got back to him that the king had not enjoyed the play, it destroyed him inside, and so for the rest of his life. Shakespeare himself would only refer to Macbeth as "The Scottish Play".

Next time you are in a theater, stand in the empty foyer. Place your hands by your side, look down and close your eyes. Under your breath say the word, "Macbeth". You require maximum concentration. A minute or so will pass, your senses will become numb. You will feel a cold chill, and three beings surrounding you. Do not open your eyes , or you will surely die.

For you are now surrounded by the ghosts of the three witches. With your eyes still closed, look up and speak the words, "Angels and ministers of grace defend us." (From Hamlet 1. IV) Now stand and wait, you will feel your skin begin to crawl but remain perfectly still. After a minute or so a wall of ice cold wind will hit you, once this has happened open your eyes once more. Spin round three times and spit over your left shoulder.

You have been cleansed of the curse, and for your participation, the witches have granted you with eternal fortune. Now leave the theater and never return there for anything, or you are doomed to suffer a truly sticky ending.

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