Shy Baby (SFW)

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You were extremely shy.

You preferred to stay at home and not interact with anyone, that's why it terrified you when your boyfriend asked you out on a date.

Keyword: Out. Outside.

Exactly the opposite of what you liked.

But you just couldn't deny him.

He's done so much for you, so it's the least you could do for him.

You were glad that he did all the talking with the waiter and that you didn't have to socialize with anyone.


"Ah shoot. Clumsy me haha. Could you please ask for some napkins (your name)?" He chuckled as he spilt a drink all over him.

You looked around for an alternative.

A handkerchief.

Some tissues.

Heck you even thought about cleaning him with a table cloth.

But there was no other way

You internally groaned.

He could've spilt the drink all over the floor and ask the waiter to clean it, but no...

He just had to spill his drink all over himself.

You stood up, legs wobbling.

'What the f*ck (your name). You literally just have to ask for napkins.' You tried to encourage yourself.

You mustered up your courage and walked over to the counter.

"C- can I please borro- ask! For some napkins? Please.." Your voice was shaky and your eyes looked at anything but the person at the counter's eyes.

The guy snickered.

'Oh no.. he's laughing at me. I'm so stupid. Who asks for napkins anyway?' You thought.

Little did you know that he was actually snickering because he felt butterflies in his stomach as you were so shyly talking to him.

He liked shy people.

He found them cute.

"Here you are." He chuckled as he handed you some napkins.

You teared up as you took the napkins from him.

You didn't like it when people laughed at you, especially when you don't know the reason why they're laughing.

You muttered a quick "thanks" and hurried to your boyfriend.

'Ah.. they're taken.' The counter guy thought when he saw your boyfriend kiss your cheek as you gave him the napkins.

"Thank you baby." Your boyfriend said as he took the napkins from you.

You didn't respond as you were on the verge of crying from how embarassed you were from the counter guy's reaction.

'Stupid.. I should've just brought napkins in the first place.' You thought as you looked down, fiddling with your fingers.

"Baby?" Your boyfriend's voice fished you out from your thoughts.

You blinked away your tears and then acknowledged him with a small hum.

"Are you okay baby? Did something happen? Is something wrong?" He asked, concerned as he stood up from his seat and knelt beside you, grabbing hold of your shaking hands.

"Oh... poor baby.. why are you shaking hon?" He said as he looked up at you, gently playing with your thumbs with his fingers.

"I don't know.. it's just.. haaah.. people.." You sighed shakily as you tears started falling on your face.

"People? Who? What did they do to you?" Your boyfriend asked gently, as if you were a child.

He stood up and caressed his thumbs on you cheeks, wiping away your tears.

"I believe that they are shy when talking to others, sir. Thought ya would know since.. ya know.. you're their boyfriend." You heard a familiar voice say.

You looked up and saw the counter guy.


"Ohh.. (his name). Why'd you have to fight him.." You sighed as you tended his wounds.

"I'm sorry baby... it was just- haahh I was jealous, okay? And I was mad that that guy knew something about you that I don't." He pouted, feeling guilty for letting you take care of him when he should've just behaved in the first place.

You didn't respond as you were too busy looking for the bandages.

"Hey... I'm sorry, please..." He pouted even more, holding your hand to get your attention.

"Aww it's okay. Nothing to feel sorry about." You reassured.

You continued taking care of him in silence.

"S- so.. you're.. shy with others?" He asked carefully.

"A-ah.. y-yeah..." You answered embarrassed.

"Aww.. so you prefer indoor dates, yeah?" He smirked.

You pouted and nodded. "But if you want to go on outdoor dates, then I'm okay with it!" You rambled.

"Oh no, I'm absolutely fine. I prefer alone time with you anyway." He whispered, smirking.

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