Amzy's pov

I was sitting on my bed and thinking about his each and every word ! The way he came closer ! The way he speaks ! The way he is taking step for this relation but i don't want him .

"Maa hum ap k ghar kb jaye ge? " zee asked. I smile and reply "zee ap shoes pehno chalte hain !" . he noded and i wore my long black coat and my shoes .

"Maa i'm ready ! " zee scream in surprise ! I noded and then remember i don't have key of my house ! " zee go and ask uncle shehry for the keys ! " i said to zee cause i don't want to face him again . he ran and i saw him going to shehry's room .

Shehry's pov

I was staring at ceilings of my wall. And thinking how to make her mine ! When i heard zee's voice ! "Uncle shehry ap k pass keys hongi samne wale ghar ki ? " he asked, firstly i furrown then understand the whole thing ! "Umm zee ap jao mama k pass main keys lata hun !" I stated and he ran back to amzy's room .

I wore my black tshirt and royal blue shirt on the top of it with open buttons! I stare at my reflection in the mirror .

Ab kaise bach pao gi amzy ? Kaise?

I smirk , i open my drawer and took the keys! I walked out from my room then knocked on amzy's room door. She open the door and furrown deeply . "tm itne ready kahen ja rahe ho ? " she asked and i sigh dramatically ! "Tm aur zee meri zimedari ho ! Tou ghar bndh koi insect wagaira huwa tm tou chilati hui bhag jao gi ! Is liye socha sath chal dun ! " i said , wiggle my eyes and she look away.

"Main zee ka akele dihan rakh sakti hun ! Hum tmhari zimedari nahi ! " she said with a plain face and i handed her the keys ! But as she was about to take them ! I upper my hand ! And she tried her best to get it ! "Shehry gave me the keys or else i'll tell khalu ! " she said giving ke death glares !

" ab tou bari hojao ! Baba ab mjhe nahi danteey ! " i said and she look at me horrified ! "Shehry mjhe keys do warna main papa ko bata dun gi !" She said annoyed ! "Mjhe sath leke chalo de dun ga ! " i said and she firstly shook her head !

"Maa lets go ! " i heard zee's voice and he peeked behind her legs and i bend on my knees "zee maa se kaho naa mjhe bhi le chale ! " i said and he looked up at amzy ! "Maa pleaseee ? " he said .

And after some minutes she noded and zee hold my hand ! I smile at him ! How this little guy and i become friends ! He become so close to me !

Amzy sigh deeply and then close her door behind her ! And started to walk behind me ! We reached at her house ! I open the door and on the lights off the house ! "Its clean ? I thought i have to clean it ! Who cleaned it ? " she asked .

I looked down and scrach back of my neck ! "Main ne ! Actually main hamesha ake hr sunday ko sb saaf kr jata tha ! " i said and her eyes pooled up. "Magr kyun shehryaar ? " she asked in disbelief!

"Kyun k mjhe yakeen tha tm wapis ao gi ! Magr ye nahi pata tha k kb ao gi ? " i said as my voice cracked !

Amzy's pov

I can't believe he did this all for all fake hope ? "Aur main na ati tou ? " i asked and he smile looking at the ground "tb bhi yehi krta kyun k is ghar main tm basti thi mere liye ! Sakoon milta tha mjhe yahan aa kar ! " he said and gasped at his words !

"Thanks for keeping it clean and taking care ! " i said and pull the sheets from the couch ! "Remember how i helped you to laid on the sofa when we firstly met ? " he said and i felt those butterflies again ! "Yes i do ! " i said and walked upto my dinning table !

"Remember how we use to enjoy here ? " he said i chuckle and reply " i don't have memory lost problem mr.asif ! " i said and we both started to laugh ! Zee was sitting on the couch ! And playing with th flower vase ! I looked at the vase and it had dead roses which zayan send me ! I took a flower and my eyes become teary .

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