So hey my lovely readers, as some of you may know I have taken this story on from McGarrettLover4ever because she is unable to continue writing it anymore. All the characters will be staying the same except from Kaliee who will now be 11 not 9. I really hope that you all enjoy this and you don't think that I have screwed it up because I really want ot make McGarrettLover4ever proud and not regrett giving it up. I'm really scared about this so comments would be fantastic :) I'm going to stop rambling now so you can read, Enjoy................

Chapter One,

When I tell people that I live in an orphanage, they all think that it’s all the high life, you have no parents to tell what to do, no one to control you and that everything is perfect. Well that’s where their wrong, it’s anything but easy. I wish I had someone to tell what to do, give me a bedtime or ground me when I was bad. My Mom died when I was only six and I have spent the last six years in home. I’ve bounced from foster to foster home, some of them really caring about you and then some who only do it for the money. I don’t get why my mom had to die or why that drunk driver had to be driving down the same road as my mom that night. Now I’m in the states care and I have Miss Karlee looking after me, to everyone else she is this loving caring motherly figure for all us orphans to look up too as a role model. When Aloha Home took me on she was the best thing that I ever came across, she cared for me like I was her daughter, she would hold me when I cried and came running when I had nightmares. This happened when I was still making trips to the hospital once a month and seeing someone to talk too. Once that ended, so did the love. Now I don’t get by a day with her hitting me or attacking me physically and mentally. Some of the things she says keep me up at night, thinking that may be true. Every time something happens I’m blamed, it can be anything; one of the other kids takes food or something is broken, it’s my fault. I don’t know why I am blamed, but I never question it because it will only get worse. I remember as soon as all the hospital visits stopped things changed. I had long waist length blonde hair that I adored, but she took me and got it cut to shoulder length. She even told me that if she could she change my eye colour, because only bratty like bitches who didn’t deserve to be cared had blue eyes.

                I would spend the days in my room listening to music or at school they were the only two places I felt safe. Today was no different, I went to school came ‘home’ and went straight to my room, avoiding Miss Karlee. I heard the distinct noise of shouting coming from down stairs and knew instantly who is was; Miss Karlee.

“Kailee get your scrawny ass down here down!” she screamed really straining her voice. I knew that I was being blamed for something else and I hadn’t even been in all day.

“I’m coming,” I shouted back. I knew that if I tried to avoid her it would only make things worse and I might not be able to hide these bruises. I hadn’t even touched the bottom before her arm shot out and grabbed me by hair that was hanging over my shoulder. It had grown out over the years, I had managed to escape whenever she tried to take me in and get it cut, it was the one thing that I would beating for. I loved my hair; I loved plaiting it or doing different things with it. I was dragged out of my thoughts when the first fist connected with my ribs.

“You’re a stupid, worthless piece of shit and I don’t know why I waste my time with you,” she hissed beginning her rant. “Nobody is going to want you; all those foster families sent you back. You’ll never be adopted and you’ll always being that piece of shit no one wants.” This was her favourite pass time; I was becoming more frequent that she would beat me for the fun of it. I would always allow her to do it as well; I would never stand up for myself. The marks and bruises covering my body was astronomical, but she clever; she would hit the same places more than a few times which meant that the bruise would heal quickly and it wouldn’t cause too much damage. She would also keep them in places no one would see, I always had wear long sleeved shirts and trousers; I hadn’t wore in over five years now. But this time I wasn’t going to let it happen, I caught her hand just right and managed to push her away.

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