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"Oi Aaron, over here mate" Timothee screams over the loud music, I ignore him...but he can't take a hint so he proceeds to come over to disturb the little peace I have in this fucking noisy club.
"What the fuck man? It's a beautiful party...organised for us, some of hollywood's finest are here mate...why are you being such a spoil sport?" Timothee says
"I'm not in the mood Timo, you go back and have your fun...drown in as many cunts as you like, just leave me out of it" I say in annoyance. August who was sat beside me smoking a big ass blunt suddenly laughs out, Timothee and I turn to look at him
"I know what this is's about that young lass from backstage innit?" he says while exhaling big puffs of smoke through is mouth and I grimace slightly. Timothee quickly chimes in..."the American girl? the chubby one with perky tits?" I roll my eyes and take a sip from my glass of whiskey, not at all willing to partake in this conversation.
"Well I'll be is about her" August says in a tone I don't quite appreciate. "Back off August" I say through clenched teeth and he laughs
"No I don't think I will, this is rather interesting" he responds nonchalantly.
"Well shit...didn't you already have your way with her back in your changing room?" Timothee asks and I shake my head.
"Well forget her can't keep pining for someone I'm pretty sure you'll never see again, common mate loosen up. And speaking of pining, that Victoria secret angel over there has been pining for you non stop". I look to where Timothee points and I see a tall blonde, she was dangerously underdressed. She waves at me and I wave back, she smiles at me and her red painted lips part..revealing a sparkly white dentation. She's beautiful I thought to myself...very tall, skinny with just the right amount of breasts on her chest, and even though I couldn't see..I could bet she has a fairly fuckable ass as well. Now on a normal day, I'd wouldn't waste anytime in taking her back to my hotel room, hell that's probably what I should do given the state of my ever raging boner, but I just can' cock only wants to be in one person, the beautiful young college student I met well over four days ago.That girl has me wrapped around her finger and I don't even know her. She gave me a number that wasn't reachable...I wanted to believe it was a mistake, but I had Gabriel check and it was a registered number. I had kept dialing the number for about forty eight hours after our encounter before giving up. I gave up though, doesn't mean my cock did, just one thought of her...her beautiful perky tits and pretty pink pussy would have me as hard as a steel rod. This was new for me, I was never one to sulk over women, that wasn't my forte at you can imagine how much this new improvement vexed me.
"Oi earth to Aaron" Timothee snaps at me and I turn to look at him, I realise Hope, James and Zac were now seated as well.
"Get off my dick Timo" I snap at Timothee and he raises his hand in defeat.
Zac asks what had me so surly and Timothee takes it upon himself to give him a rather elaborate detail of everything.
"Well...I can't deny the fact that she was beautiful" Zac suddenly says
"But you'll forgive me when I say she's not exactly your type no?" I snap my head to look at him and ask "what the fuck is that supposed to mean"
"Well uh..I wouldn't call her fat, or anything remotely similar...hell I wouldn't even call her chubby, but you've to admit she had quite a bit of flesh on her. And I think everyone seated at this table knows that's not exactly what you're used to or rather what you're used to going for" Zac says and I frown, utterly annoyed by his words.
"Yeah? and why don't you indulge me Zac...pray tell, what's my type exactly?"
He points to the blonde female from earlier and says " your type".
Having had a enough I get up and inform them I'm leaving. They protest but I don't pay them any mind, I've had enough socialising for a day. I text Gabriel to bring the car out front and get me back to the hotel.

As I'm about to exit the building, a soft warm hand envelopes my wrist and I look to see that it's the tall blonde.
"Hey are you leaving?" She asks in a typical American accent and I nod my head
"Wow it's still early and I was kinda hoping we would talk" she continues, she lets go of my wrist and introduces herself "I'm Edna, Edna Haynes" she stretches out her hand for a shake and I oblige her not wanting to be rude.
"I'm Aaron...Holland" I say to her and she laughs dismissively.
"I know who you are" she said and I nod my head. Of course she knew who I was or she wouldn't be trying to get in my pants, I was just trying to be polite.
Taking a closer look at her I study her features closely and I realise that she's alot more beautiful than I'd originally thought. She comes closer to me and whispers "why don't I go back with you" she purs and runs her hand along my torso, she moves her hand a bit lower and her palm grazes my semi erect cock. Yenilla suddenly crosses my mind, and immediately I feel anger...about her deceit. I then loose my resolve, I grab Edna by the back of her head and I slam my lips onto hers...hard. She immediately opens up her mouth and allows me entrance, I kiss her with anger and zero restraint, our tongues fighting and teeth gnashing together. I palm her ass, and then proceed to squeeze harshly, she moans in my mouth and bites my lower lip...I groan in her mouth, welcoming the pain.
We pull apart and I grab her by the wrist, pulling her out the exit, there was a few paparazzi outside with bright lights taking pictures. Gabriel and Dexter my other bodyguard walked ahead of us trying to clear the way, once we make it inside the car, we continue to ravage each other, I know I should probably be worried that come morning...word would spread that I'm probably in a relationship with Edna, along side the pictures of us exiting the club together hand in hand.. but I didn't care, not at the moment. I just wanted a release.

Once we make it back to my hotel room, I waste no time at all...I don't even bother with the dilly-dally's of foreplay, I turn her over so that my front is against her back and yank up her dress, I pull on her flimsy panties hard..until it rips. I push her down on the bed so her ass was pushed up and her bald wet pussy was starring right at me.
I hurriedly unbuckle my belt, unbutton and zip down my jean trousers and pull them down along side my boxer painfully hard erection springs forth, dripping with pre cum. I open one of the bed side drawers and rummage blindly until I find a condom, I rip the foil pack open and I glove up.
I take my hard cock and line it at her entrance, I move my it up and down her slit a bit...coating myself with her juices before I push into her with a brutal thrust...she moans loudly and I begin to pound into her ruthlessly. I put one hand on her hips and proceed to take a fist full of her hair in my other hand and I push her face into the mattress, muffling her cries of pleasure. I continue to fuck her, hard and fast...sounds of skin slapping resonated through out the room and I groan. In no distant time, she cums with a loud moan and I free her hair, she lifts her head off mattress while breathing heavily. She clenches my cock continuously, while throwing her ass back at me...and after a few more thrusts I spill into the condom, I continue to thrust lazily while her pussy continues to milk my dick for all it's worth.

I pull out of her and she whines at the loss. I discard my condom into a trash can and I undress completely heading to the bathroom...I was in need of a warm bath. Without looking back at Edna I say
"Gabriel's just outside the door...inform him when you want to leave and he'll take you". She mumurs a thank you and I could hear the disappointment in her voice, but I honestly didn't care...I needed a quick release and she basically offered herself to me on a platter. For what it's worth, she was a good fuck though.

Once in the bathroom, I turn on the shower and I let the warm water rain down on me. I sigh heavily and push my hair off my face...I was tired and just needed to sleep.
I purposely delay my shower in the hopes of not meeting Edna when I get out.
After about thirty minutes of just standing under the shower I decided it was enough. I turn off the shower and proceed to wrap a towel around my waist while drying myself with another. When I do step out of the bathroom, Edna is gone and I sigh in relief. After drying myself completely and dumping the towels in the laundry basket I put on a pair of sweats and I flop down on my bed. I pick up my phone from the bedside drawer and I see that I have a series of texts from James asking if I got back alright. I reply his texts and just before I put my phone down I open my call logs and try to dial yenilla again, I don't know why I did that, I know it's going to be the same thing. I put the phone to my ear and it said the same thing it always said...'not available'.
I toss my phone on the stand and put off the lights. I'd managed to go a few hours without thinking of her, but now alone in the darkness of my room she's all I can think about and I continue to think of her until sleep takes me.

I high key feel bad for Aaron though...he's got the hots for yen and he can't even reach her

Wipes tears**

Also, I just saw that my book has been ranked #70 in graphic and while I appreciate's funny, cause I haven't even started with all the really graphic stuff....yet!

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