Hades- Ruler of Olympus!

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~oO Page Break! Oo~

ARTEMIS- Who will be my first victim? I know! Posiden; truth or dare?

POSIDEN- Da-da-da-da- DARE!!!

ARTEMIS- Okay. Let's see. I want you to go to Camp Jupiter (the Roman Camp) and make a huge tidal wave. Like a really big one. Then, blame it on Athena.

ATHENA- Hey! Don't you dare drag me into this!

ARTEMIS- Too late! I did.

HERMES- *laughs* Dare!

ARTEMIS- What are you waiting for? Go! *pushes Posiden and Athena into a pink portal filled with sugarplumbs*

*Comes out in Utah*

RANDOM PEOPLE In THE STREETS- Space aliens! They came to attack us!

ATHENA- Space aliens. As opposed to what?

POSIDEN- I don't care! Let's just get out of here!

*Gets flashed out*

*Appears in Germany*

POSIDEN- Hey! What's up with this stupid wall?

*knocks down the wall over like dominoes*

POSIDEN- Oops. Lets go somewhere else

ATHENA- Agreed. That was the Berlin Wall.

*gets flashed out*

*appears in Pompeii*

POSIDEN- Why's the mountain spewing lava?

ATHENA- Because its a volcano, you idiot! More specifically Vensuvious(sp?)!

POSIDEN- No thanks,I don't like smoothies.

ATHENA- *faceplams*

*gets flashed out*

*reappears in Camp Jupiter*

ATHENA- Finally! Camp Jupiter!

REYNA- Lady Minerva? Lord Neptune?

*campers hastilly bow*

POSIDEN- Relax. We are here in peace-

*gets cut off by a giant tital wave crashing, soaking everyone*

*octopus randomly flies through the air and lands on Octavion's head*

OCTAVION- *runs around and screams like a little girl* Get it off me!!

*everyone turns towards Posiden and glares*

POSIDEN- It was totally Athena!

*flashes out*

ATHENA- Sorry, got to yell at him for something!

*flashes out*

*both reappear on Olympus*

ARTEMIS- That was awesome! Do it again!

POSIDEN- Wait, Its my turn to ask someone! *puts on Twilight Zone voice* Zues; truth or dare?

ZUES- Dare! I mean Truth, yeah, truth!

POSIDEN- What are your feelings towards your own father mistaking you for a rock?

*other gods laugh*

ZUES- I believe it proves my theory that Kronos was hit on the head as a child . . . That gives me an idea! *grins evilly* Hera, dear? Truth or dare?

HERA- Tru-

ZUES- Dare it is! I want you to prank call Kronos!

*almost faints, but pulls out phone*

*Everyone burst out laughing*




KRONOS- Hello?

HERA- *pinches nose to disguise voice* Hello, this is Romilda Finch from You just randomlly won a car! to tell you, you just randomlly won a car!

KRONOS- *fangirl scream* OMG! A car! That's like totally awesome! I so gotta text Rhea about this!

HERA- You do realize you're being enternally punished in the pits of Tartarus, right?

KRONUS- Oh, is that what those lava pools are for? I just thought you were going for that 80's retro-chic look.

HERA- . . .

KRONUS- When am I gonna get my car?

HERA- What? I mean, er, yesturday!

KRONUS- Okay! Round two pm sounds good?

HERA- Sure?


*hangs up phone*

HERA- . . .

Other gods- . . .

APHRODITE- I'm confused

HERMES- So everything's back to normal!


ZUES- Really Hera? You know Cronos is the Lord of Time?

HERA- Posiden, I dare you to-

POSIDEN- *pouts* But I didn't pick dare yet!

HERA- You'll like this one. Posiden, I dare you to smack Zues off Olympus.

POSIDEN- *slap Zues so hard he falls off Olympus and onto Rome [the real one]* Your right!

ZUES- *from Rome* oww! *little lightning bolts spin around his head*

HERA- You deserved it!

POSIDEN- Yes! Now I can become King of the Gods!

HADES-  *sitting on throne* Too late! I am!


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