EXTRA: Florida

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**Some people have been wanting to know the story behind 'Florida' so I might as well get them off my back and stop asking such obvious questions before I literally lose my shit. If you STILL don't get it, either read up on the character, GO BACK and REREAD chapter 5, or look through the comments. I'll write this short story anyways, since I know there are STILL people out there who DON'T QUITE UNDERSTAND WHAT I MEAN! I'm very busy with things and to have people yell at me to 'WRITE THE DAMN STORY ABOUT FLORIDA ALREADY' get's very old, very quickly.**

"What exactly are you doing?" Al asked with a straight face of disinterest.

This was the night you were going to make him yours. It was finally the night where you were going to take control until he couldn't handle it anymore.

Valentine's Day.

"Oh, sweetheart, you're just not ready for what I have in store for you", you smirked, pushing him back on your shared bed.

You climbed up on him, like a panther stalking her prey. Once you reached his face, you leaned down ever so slowly to kiss his lips. You only gave him a gentle peck, but you left it so he could beg for more.

You bit your bottom lip a little, looking into his eyes with yours half open.

"I love the way you look when you bite your lip, ___________", Al stated in a whisper, wrapping his arms around your waist.

A grin smeared across your face as you leaned down again to answer.

"I bet you do, Al. And what makes it even better", you paused, reaching a hand down to the obvious bulge in his jeans, "You get to watch me do it all night".

With the soft unzip of his pants, you pulled out his hard length, still covered by his boxers. You pulled off your running shorts-underwear still on- and teased him with the long, slow rubs from your already wet women-hood.

The low grunts of Al nearly filled the room as he tried not to be too loud. You knew he wanted you, you could tell by the sudden change of his grip around your waist.

"I want to hear you beg for it", you teased seductively.

"Tch! N-Never", he refused through gritted teeth.

You only took that as him wanting you to tease him more. So you did.

You took off his pants completely just before coming back up to kiss him deeply. You went from his lips, across to his right cheek, down his neck, and licked his chest until you got all the way down south to Florida.

Florida, as Alfred had explained to you before, was the hottest, most sensitive part of the United States. Also known as the Sunshine State, even though it was covered up most of the time.

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