Chapter 8

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5:30 PM

Day of prom

I was really feeling jive some type of way cause Kay Kay told me she went up to Y/n job and Y/n totally disrespected her. I feel like she was disrespecting our relationship. I was a bit blown. Im angry about that. The girl she with I dont like but I respect they relationship. I can't believe I do shit for her but she can't do it for me. What a great bestfriend huh?

I called up Yahmir who was supposed to go out with me and Kaylen. "Yo nigga you on yo way so we can get them tux from the cleaners and get the rooms for tonight." He asked. "Yeah I'm putting on my shoes."

I walked outside and got in his car. "Yo Mir." I said dapping him up. "what up nigga. So who you taking to prom you aint really tell me?" I chuckled. "Kaylen man I asked her about a week....or two ago." I said know he was bout to start dancing if I said about a week ago. "Yo you mean the thot. That lil jawn nasty go head Chris." I looked at him as he was driving like he was crazy. "Mir that lil jawn is my girl. So chill with all that." He looked at me then back at the road. "My bad." He said and I could tell he was smiling.

"So Talia and I after prom going to a hotel party. You coming?" Yahmir asked as we walked into the cleaners. "You know Talia crazy ass dont like me. Ever since I became friends with Yn." I said laughing.

I know yall like"OMG CHRISTAIN WHAT HAPPENED." So let me flash back to like 2 months ago.


Talia and I was walking around the block and she stopped in front of Yn house. "Yo Talia what are you doing." I asked. "Shhhh." She said looking through her window. I grabbed her arm and pulled her past the house. "The hayel Chris. I was about to expose that thot." I looked at her like she was a fish with titties. "You were just on her and now you calling her a thot." I said laughing. "Its true she be fucking all up in the school." I had to defend to Y/n. "Who she be messing with she gay so it cant be no nigga." I said walking. "Its obvious she a sike a dike. Cause she passed all this up." She said pointing at herself. "Girl you pretty much scared her out of liking you. All that stuff with Mir and that you popping up on her on her first day being desprate." I said looking down at her. "I was not being desprate Christain!" She said punching me in the chest. I chuckled at her as she attempted in hurting me. She punched me in my face and I got hella mad. I was about to punch her back but I walked away. "Chris Im sorry." She said grabbing my her arm. I snatched away. "I know you are. You're just a sorry ass bitch." I walked off.

WELL YEP thats what happened. I haven't regretted anything I said to her that day. She was being wishy washy. She had been talking about YN for weeks and then she rejected her and then Talia got mad.

"That girl loves yo ass she doesn't like your views but Talia loves you." Mir said as we walked up in the cleaners. We got out tuxs and went to the hotel and got the rooms. We put our names on the list for the party and saw that Jass and Yn were on the list too. Great.


6:30 PM

My friend Jamie came all the way from NYC to come to prom. Her's is in a month or so. Jamie was helping me with picking my dress. See I procrastinate alot. I had 3 on my mind. There was the Rose Floral Bandeau dress then there was this Rotita Strapless Slit Silver Sequin dress, and the Rotita Lace Splicing Open Back Mermaid Gown. I wasn't sure which to get.

"Which one Jamie." I said holding up the 3 of them. "The cheapest duh!" "Mermaid gown it is." I said going up to the cashier. I bought the dress and bought the silver sequin dress cause I saw Jamie eyeing the dress.

We left out and drove back to Jamie's parents 2nd house out here. Not like they have 2 house out here they got 2 houses period. One in NYC and one here.

"So who is this girl who locked you down." Jamie said plopping on the bed. "Oh her name Jasmine. I swear she is like a sex god. She has this caramel skin and these soft lips. And her accent is killer. She not even from here." I said kinda of fan girling. That's my baby I can do that. Don't judge me. I feel yall judging me.

"Damn so you all fan girling and shit show me a pic." Jamie said laughing. I pulled out my wallet and showed her a picture of me and Jass at the fair 1 month ago. "Oh shit go head Bestfriend." She said. "Shit if I was gay oh I would be all over that." I laughed at her and pushed her head.

We started getting ready cause prom started at 9 and it was already 7:50.


8:00 PM

I was just getting out the shower. I put on boxers and a sports bra and called my queen. "Yes baby." Y/n answered. "What you doing right now." I asked. "Getting ready baby." "I know you bout to be looking good for daddy." I said chuckling. "Yes she is." I heard someone yell. "Jamie shut up. Baby I'll call you later. Jamie is irky." She said laughing. "Alright babe." I heard her kissed the phone and we hung up.

That's my baby right there.

I got up and started getting ready.


8:30 PM

I know y'all missed me. I'm back. So right now I'm getting ready with my main bitch Kaylen. We were talking and then she mentioned Y/n.

"Woah! Woah! Woah! You know Y/n my nigga?" I asked. "Yeah I know that bitch. She said I think she can take my nigga." Kay said. "That bitch a thot." I said rolling my eyes. "I know bitch talm bout she gay but once Chris had his shirt off and she was all goo goo eyed on him." She said. "That's why I got a plan to keep that bitch away from my baby." "What you thinking bout?" I said smirking. Oh she played with me I'm playing with her. Class is in session. She better take notes her and Jass.




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