Sully's POV

"Hey! Wag kang magulo, Candy. Baka mabangga mo yung nagaayos kay Sully." saway ni Akira kay Candy.

"You look so beautiful, Ma'am." sabe nung nagaayos sakin. I smiled.


Today is the day. Today is the day that I'll become Mrs. Zamora. I'm excited at the same time nervous. This day is really nerve breaking. Just like what ate Vanessa said.

Got some advices from her last night. It's my bridal shower. Not the typical bridal shower. Just like a get together. Well, we had so much fun.

She told me how nervous she got when the day came. She couldn't sleep before the wedding but that didn't show that much. She's still beautiful as ever. And I bet, Rain got some tips from Kuya Jack. I just wish it's not tips for the honeymoon.

Rain could be a pervert sometimes. But, he's sweet at all times.

"Yow, bride." napatingin naman ako sa pumasok. It's Sam with our cousins. Kevin and Ken, you do remember them, right?

"Hey." I stand up and hugged them three. "Nice to see you guys." I said. They also hugged Candy and Akira.

"Wow. You're a goddess, Sully." Ken said. I smiled.

"Nervous?" Kevin asked. I nodded. He tapped my shoulder.

"Don't be. You're beautiful." he said. I smiled.

"Congratulations, Sully." Sam said. I smiled at him.

"Thanks, you guys." I said. They all smiled.

"Okay, excuse me boys. But the bride needs to finish preparing." sabe nung nagaayos sakin. They nodded.

"See you later, Sully." sabe nilang tatlo. I just waved goodbye.

Umupo ulet ako at humarap sa salamin. I breathe heavily. Few more hours to go.

And I'll walk the aisle.

Rain's POV

"Bro, wag ka masyadong kabahan." napatingin naman ako kay Lucas.

"Psh. Mararamdaman mo din to noh." sabe ko sa kanya. Napailing nalang siya.

"Heyya!" napatingin naman kami sa pumasok.

"Ate Kim." naglakad siya papunta sakin and hugged me.

"Congratulations, dear Rain. You'll be a married man in a few hours." she said with a british accent. I chuckled.

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