⏤͟͟͞͞☆ FALLING APART. ⏤͟͟͞͞☆

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* * * *

    It was late at night. I couldn't sleep. I can't sleep.

    Hearing the front door open, I sit up. He's here.

    Dads here.

    Hearing footsteps, I hear the TV turn on. He's about to watch some TV, and drink. The usual.

    He's mostly likely gonna pass out on the couch, so I'll be alright.

    Getting out of bed, I walk up to my closet. Putting on a pair of gloves, and a big coat. I slip on my pair of boots.

    Walking up to the window, I open it.

    Jumping out, I land on the grass.

    Getting up, I pick up my bike. Hopping on, I start pedaling.

    Time to look for Griffin....don't worry, I'm looking for you. I'll find you.


    Sitting down on my rocking chair, I start reading. Taking a sip of my coffee. Enjoying my own company.

    Enjoying the peace and silence.

    About to flip to a new page, I hear a loud noise come from outside.

    Confused, I struggle to get up.

    Setting my book on the coffee table, I make my way to the window.

    Peeking, I gasp.

    A girl!!

    Slipping on my pair of slippers, I make my way outside.

    A young girl was laying in the middle of the road, their bike on the floor.

   Crouching in front of the girl, I say

    "You alright, sweetie? It's freezing out here!" The young girl didn't respond. She was pale. Looked tired.

    Picking her up, I take her inside.

    Laying her down on the couch, I tuck her in a warm cozy blanket.

    Grabbing the phone, I dial the police.

    "Hello, police? Yes, I have a problem."


    I was now back at home. I don't recall anything.

    I do remember being in an old lady's house, though. She helped me.

    Next thing I know, the police arrive. Drive me back to my place. Dad, opening the door.

    He looked outraged, and confused. Mostly mad.

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