Chapter 21

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I turned sideways in my bed, my back facing the window, and folded my arm at the elbow to support my head. The sun reflected on the screen and I tilted my mobile so that I could actually see what I was typing this time.

Communities within the USA.

Community colleges showed as the first page result. Nope. Definitely not something for me; I didn't even finish high school.

Sects in the USA was what I wrote in the square space of the search engine next, frowning at the first word.

Rhys had denied them being one and the Bullets didn't seem like e sect. Sects were centered around one person or a small group of people who were treated like gods or messengers of the gods; the Silver Bullets were far too democratic to fit that description. However, being at this for the past ten minutes, I was running out of terms so I had to give it a try.

My frown only deepened at the results: governmental lists of cults and sects, unorthodox religions in the United States, sects and satanic cults... This time I got a lot of results, but I felt as if they were irrelevant. I checked some of the articles though. After scanning through them briefly, I dismissed them.


I knew it was a long shot, but I was desperate to find something about the things Rhys was still keeping from me.

"An organized group of persons associated together for religious, benevolent, cultural, scientific, political, patriotic, or other purposes," I read aloud.No, I didn't need the dictionary explanation of the word; I needed examples of societies. I closed the page and kept reading the titles of the other articles.

Sub-specialty societies... Clubs and societies... No, no, no!

I sighed and swiped my finger over the screen of my phone to remove the browser, clicking on the button to the side to lock the device before I placed it on the bedside table.

My search had proven fruitless. I guessed I should've expected that since I wasn't sure what exactly to look for. I'd sat down earlier to make a list of terms and tried them all. No matter what phrase I typed in the engine though, I couldn't find anything on Rhys' community.

I turned to lie on my back, placing my hands underneath my head.

I'd expected to learn more about the Silver Bullets during my visit to the Flemings. I did find out things about certain individuals, but I was still clueless about what set the Silver Bullets apart from everyone else in town.

There was the general air about them, the animalistic air. It no longer scared me - with the exception of Alec, of course - but it was there; they sometimes appeared as a friendly pet, but it was there.

There was the fact that some time ago a whole group of them had moved into Woodbury and all settled in the same neighborhood. What happened to the people who were already there?

Rhys had taken me for a walk after breakfast, introducing me to a few more people, but everyone we'd met was a Bullet.

And there was that too: why would they need a name?

And of all the things they could call themselves, why the Silver Bullets?

I could understand the second part if they were a hunting club or a sports team - bullets were fast - but they were neither, I couldn't come up with anything on the first word and the only way the whole phrase would make sense was if it was connected to werewolves and maybe some other mythological creatures. Everyone knew those things didn't exist, so what was with their name?

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