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As I walked into my math class on the first day back from the weekend I had the shock of my life when I saw the new teacher. I'd heard all the girls talking about him this morning; apparently he was younger and hotter than Mr. Simmons, our old math teacher who had had a heart attack.

I didn't know the new teacher would be the guy I had spent the night with last night.

I'd been in the club last night with my best friend Beth, she'd asked her cousin to make us fake ID's and they had worked better than expected. We'd managed to get in but I hadn't wanted to risk going up to the bar to order a drink in case I was caught out.

I'd known Ryan was older than me, well that much was obvious because I wasn't old enough to be in the club anyway but he was still much older than some of the other guys in the club.

We'd hardly spoken the time we were together, he hadn't looked like he was there to talk, to be honest neither had I. I did manage to find out that his name was Ryan and he was twenty four, exactly eight years older than me. He'd brought me drinks, thinking I was twenty one and we got drunk pretty quickly.

We'd danced and he'd flirted, albeit being on the shy side then we'd left the club together and I had spent the rest of the night at his flat, leaving after one in the morning to go to Beth's where I was having a 'sleepover'.

That was what my parents thought anyway. Her parents always went to bed early and so had no idea what time we'd snuck back into the house.

Beth had done her own thing and I was yet to hear the details of how her night went since I was still slightly hung over and we hadn't had very much time to catch up this morning as we rushed to leave her house to get to school on time.

I couldn't stop looking at him now; he looked so different from last night in his smart shirt and tie with his blond hair brushed and styled neatly so he looked studious. Somehow he looked even more attractive than he had in the club, and in his bed, now that I could see his face properly.

I was in trouble, like big trouble.

He hadn't seen me yet and I tried to hide my face by looking down at the desk as he stood in front of the class to introduce himself. "Hi class I'm Mr. Collins, now I'm sure you've all already heard about the tragic incident that happened to your last teacher. He won't be able to continue teaching you and so I'm taking over now."

He smiled as he spoke, sounding excited which was a change from all the other teachers we had who clearly hated their jobs. I could see Misty on my right leaning forward in her seat and gazing at him with deep interest.

I didn't even have to look around to know that he would now be the new crush for the girls, there weren't many young teachers to begin with but even so, he was extremely attractive. The guys had Miss Walker to drool over so it was about time.

"I know that not many people like math, I only have to look at the looks on your faces as you all walked into the room but I promise to make this class as fun as possible. We'll all get to know each other as the year goes on so I won't keep rambling." He finished, smiling as the class laughed at his little joke.

With that, he went to sit behind his desk and didn't tell us to stop talking which would've been the first thing Mr. Simmons would do if he was here. I'd managed to keep my head down but I had to look up when he called my name for the register, hoping he wouldn't recognize me.

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