Heat Conductor (SFW)

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"Ow ow.." You heard your boyfriend say from the kitchen.

"What happened baby?" You rushed to him from the living room.

"I burned myself.." He pouted as he showed you his finger with a slight redness.

"Stupid metal handle and its heat conducting properties." He glared at the pot of soup.

"Aww let's run your finger under some cold water, yeah?" You held his hand gently and turned on the tap.

He winced at the coldness contrasting with the burn he felt on his finger.

"I'm sorry baby.. it's okay.." You hissed as you tried to soothe him.

Once you were done, you kissed the finger where the burn was.

"All better!" You smiled.

"Hehe... thank you, my future doctor!" He giggled, glancing at the study materials for your upcoming exam on human anatomy.

"You're welcome, my future chef!" You smiled back, remembering the amount of tries he did, just to perfect his original recipe for a soup.

"I promise I'll own a restaurant and name it after you." He smiled as he kissed your forehead.

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