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* * * *

"Thanks....Robin." Y/N says, softly.

Nodding, I say

"No problem-" Before I could finish my sentence, I get pushed to the ground by someone.

Grunting, I look up. That damn ginger.

Angry, I get up. Immediately, throwing a punch straight in the gingers face.

About to throw another punch, I get a glimpse of Y/N running out of the cafeteria. Crying.

Huffing, I say

"I'll deal with you later. Now, leave!" The other two help the ginger get up, running away.

Finn walks up to me, with a worried look on his face.

"Hey, mind checking on Y/N for me? I feel like if anyone could make her feel better, it's you." Nodding, I say

"Of course, buddy. Better start heading to class, now. Bell is gonna ring, soon." Finn smiles,

"Thanks, man." Finn say's. Walking away, with Gwen besides him.

Smiling, I speed walk out of the cafeteria.

If I were Y/N, where would I go to hide? Easy. The bathroom.

Nodding to myself, I head straight to the nearest girl's restroom.

Entering the girls bathroom, I flop onto the ground. Hugging my knees, I let myself cry.

When is this all gonna end....?! I literally just came back....

Sighing, I get up. Walking up to the sink, I grab a couple of napkins. Using them to wipe away my tear's.

Throwing away the napkins, I grip onto the sink. Staring at my reflection.

I looked horrible! More horrible than I already was. This time, my eyes were all puffed up and red. My face, stained with tears. My makeup, smudged.

Shaking my head, I close my eyes.

Where's Billy....? I wish he was here. He always helped make me feel better....I miss him.

Feeling a sudden burst of anger, I slam my fist at the mirror. Causing the mirror to crack, and break.

"Oh my gosh!" Suddenly, the bell rang.

Oh, shi- Shoot, shoot, shoot!!

Taking a deep breath, I calm myself down.

"It's alright....it's alright. Let's just try and clean up as much as I can." I tell myself, reaching out to grab a piece of glass.

Only to accidentally cut myself.

Hissing, I yell

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