Pregnancy journey (time gaps)

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One month later

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One month later

"Why are we being pulled into the bad wolf's den," Aunty Valicia joked as they walked in.

"I guess we're in trouble," Taylor laughed.

"Sit," I said and they sat down.

I looked at them and they looked at each other.

They didn't have the same spark in their eyes.

"Were you two inlove?" I asked and they looked at me.


"I found these on my honeymoon," I said and they looked at the pictures.


"Were you?"

"Yes," uncle Taylor said while looking up at me.

"But that was a long time ago kiddo," aunty Valicia said.

"And the baby? Does Ash and aunty Valeria knows about the baby and your relationship,"

"The baby died Lorenzo and so did our love for each other. And yes they know," Aunty Valicia said.

"Wait what?"

They explained and I sighed. I ran my fingers through my hair and looked at me.

"Fuck I'm so sorry," I said and they got up.

"It's okay little king we get it," Taylor said while pouring us a drink.

"But why didn't you guys ever-"

"Tell you guys? Losing your kid is hard so we swore to never speak about it. Yeah we told you everything about our past but we hide the painful ones including the ones you may not remember," they said

He gave me a glass of whiskey then aunty Valicia.

They drank what was inside and looked at me. "Things changed and now we're both inlove and happy," Taylor said.

"Now your wife wants everyone downstairs so let's go," aunty Valicia said and I nod.

"And happy birthday nephew," they smiled.

"Thanks," I said before they left.

I sighed before placing they photos away. I cleaned up then went downstairs.

I placed a kiss on my wife's shoulder and she turned around.

"Finally he's here," she smiled and I pulled her into a kiss.

Her lips felt so right against mine.

"I had to get a few work done in my office then I had a talk with my uncle and aunt," I said and she nod.

"Well happy birthday baby," she said and I smiled.

"Do it get my gift now or later," I asked while pulling her into my chest.

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