Wedding night ((Part two)

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“Oh fuck!” she screamed as I fucked her fast and rough

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“Oh fuck!” she screamed as I fucked her fast and rough.

I was nothing near gentle right now. She already came six time while I came thrice.

I couldn't get enough of her 

Her toes curled and her grip tightened on the chains of the cuffs. I can feel her tightening around my dick and I went even faster and harder.

“Fuck,” I groaned as my fingers digged into her soft skin of her ass.

“Fucking hell Enzo,” she pants heavily.

She arched her ass to keep up with my relentless thrusts. I placed an open mouth kiss on her right shoulder as I slowed down for a bit.

“Mhm,” she moaned

I wrapped my hand around her throat and I kept thrusting into her tight hole.

“Please Enzo,” she begged.

“Don’t beg Regina,” I said and she let out a groan.

Our bodies glistened in sweat as fucked. Our bodies becomes one underneath the beautiful moon shine.

“Baby please I can't anymore,” she breathed out heavily as she moves closer to my climax.

“You can come when permission is given to you,” I said


“If you come Royalty I'll punish you then we'll go back at it until you decide to be a big girl who's not selfish enough to come without her husband. Because I can continue fucking you till the sun comes up,” I said and we both looked at the clocked.

3:48 a.m.

“Okay I won't be selfish anymore,” she whispered and I smirked.

“Good girl,” I said as I moved my hands to her hard nipples.

I used my fingers to light pinch and twist her nipples.

“When we get back to renovating our room. I want a mirror above us and a mirror on the wall," I said while pointing infront of her.

Her walls were clenching around my dick tightly and I knew she was dying for release.

“Why?” she asked as she closed her eyes.

I doubt she could concentrate after coming so hard multiple times. And right now she was dying to come.

“Why? Well baby for everytime we fuck in our bedroom I want you to see how good you look while I'm fucking you. How perfect our bodies look together. I want you to see how I looked when I'm thrusting into your sweet tight pussy-”


Her pussy clenched even tighter around my dick and I slowed down. Her pussy creams my dick as I continued thrusting into her deep but slowly.

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