Sick - N.R.&W.M.

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I'm still alive school just dosen't make it easy i'm sorry!

Age : 14



⚠️Tw-Sickness (if its a tw lol)



I woke up this morning feeling disgusting. I was all sweaty and i was soo hot but at the same time i was freezing. Every move i made hurts i can't even sit up. And the thought of food or drinks makes me wanna throw up.

,,JARVIS!!'',i ,scream' in a weak and raspy voice.

,,yes little romanoff-maximoff ?'',he says politely.

,,Please tell my moms to come up here as soon as possible'',i say as my eyes started to get watery from all the pain literally everywhere.

Not even 2 seconds later the door burts open revealing my 2 moms.

,,Detka whats wrong ?'',mom came storming at me with worry written all over her face.

,,i feel like shit'',and thats it. I let the tears spring out if my eyes makeing my mom even more concerned. It dosen't take long until momma is at my side with pain killers ,tea and soup. How fast did she made that?

,,Love , can you sit up for me ?'',she smiles sadly.

,,N-no i-i can't'',i sobbed. Both shared a very comcerned look with each other.


She was sick before but she isn't sick very often. And it was literally never that bad. I felt so sorry for my lil babygirl. I got pregnant with her and tony&bruce somehow managed to put mine and wandas DNA in her blood.

,,darling , it'll be better'',she still didn't move and just cried.

So i put my hand under her upper back ,as i was about to sit her up she screamed ,,NO!! No no no no'',she just cried even more. And not much time later all the avengers who were at the compound right now burst through the door. They all loved Y/N like she was their own.

,,Whats wrong lil one ?'',bruce came over smiling symphatically.

,,i-it hurts'',she sniffles.,,Where lil widow?'' ,,everywhere''. Bruce furrowed his eyebrows making me even more concerned.

,,First take the painkillers from your momma and if it isn't helping i'll look what i can do arl?'',Y/N nodded as bruce gave her a kiss on her forehead.

She took the painkillers and then i layed next to her pulling her head into my chest holding her as close as possible. It dosen't took her long to fall asleep. She is still burning up.

,,My two Favorites'',wanda came laying next to me with a sad smile. ,,Don't worry love ,she will be fine''

,,I don't know wands, i've well we've never seen her like this and it breaks me seeing her crying like this'',i whispered.

,,Don't worry hun, we will take care of her i promise'',wanda hugs us both placing a loving kiss on Y/N's forehead before placing one on my lips.

I love them both so much. Wanda and i fall asleep hugging Y/N between us.


I woke up due sniffles and whimpering. I look down to see Y/N tossing and trying to turn somehow. She is shaking like crazy.

,,Detka? Detka,whats wrong?'',i asked concerned ,sitting up a bit.

,,I-it hurts mom, pl-please i'm begging you m-make it s-stop'',she started to sob waking wanda up.

,,Sweetheart where does it hurt?'',wanda said basically jumping up.

,,M-momma'',Y/N whined so i gave her into wandas arms making her flinch in pain.

,,i'm sorry my love... i'm gonna get bruce thats enough.'',i say standing up. I walked out before looking one last time into wandas eyes and all i can see was fear. I ran to the med bay.

,,BRUCE !!-BRUCE !! Where the hell are you ?!?'',i screamed through the med bay.

,,hey nat whats wrong ??'',he aks. All he needed was a tear which slips out of my eye and he knew its about Y/N. Just as we wanted to go back to the room we saw wanda rushing down with tears running down her cheeks and a- PASSED OUT Y/N ??

,,She-she started b-breathing heavilly and i-i troed t-to calm-calm her d-down n-nothing worked until she-she just passed out.'',wanda rambled putting Y/N on the bed.

,,Jarvis ?'',bruce asked starting the monitors and everything.

,,heart beat very low and conditions are very critical'',my eyes widden in fear.

,,I need you two outta here. I will call you when i know what the problem is'',bruce says sternly. I just nodded ,put my arm around wanda and went out.

Even one minute felt like an whole hour. We sat in the living room with Everyone and it was painfully quiet. I don't know for how long we sat there but wanda fall asleep with her head in my lap.

,,Mrs.Romanoff and Mrs.Maximoff you are requested in the med bay.'',Jarvis suddenly spoke making wanda jump up instantly as we ran to the med bay being met with bruce.

,,First of all ,she is okay.'',making me sighed out in relief.

Then he started to explain.

(I'm gonna leave it like that cause i don't actually know what we have lol)


I started to stir awake my head hurting like it will explode every minute while my eyes adjust to the light. I groan messaging my head with my hand. Suddenly the door burst open revaling my two moms with a tear stained face.

,,DETKA!!'',Mom screamd. ,,sh sh sh my head!'', i sushed them both. They gave me a bonecrashing hug and kissed my forehead.

,,How are you feeling?'',mom asked petting my hair. ,,Better ,my head just hurts really bad'',i smile a bit.

,,When can i go to my room ? I want cuddles.'',i whined. ,,you are free to go. You just need to rest'',bruce ressured me. Mom picked me up and we went to my room.

We layed ,my Head on moms chest as momma embraced me from behind.

,,I love you'',i mumbled smiling a bit.

,,we love you too detka,sooo much!'',mom said kissing my forehead.

I love my moms.

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