“We’re here.” replied Pontus. “Early, I might add.”

Everyone was up top, looking miserable and tired.

“And no questions about why or how, I'm NOT in the mood.” He yelled, kicking a loose pile of rope against the wall. He took another sip of drink. Reginald looked at Clara. She smiled weakly but he paid her no mind.

“Cap'ns orders, sir?”

“Drop anchor! Get us on to dry land! I need something more than brandy!”

Once they reached the shore, they were looking to set up camp.

“This fishing village that had been spoken about, where might it be?” asked Octavious. Pontus raised a brow.

“We’ve been here a few times before, and none of us have seen a village. It’s quite wild and untamed, really. There may have been one at some point in time, but it’s no longer.” Clara and Hazari were off to the side, looking up at the strange sight before them. Their part of the island was covered in darkness, the sun on the other side of the island, a line down the middle. Neither touched, darkness not on the light and light not on the dark. The land was covered in eternal blue, the moonlight their only means of being able to see anything. There was a soft and gentle wind that gave a caress every once in a while, the trees sighing softly. It seemed very peaceful, Clara thought, and watched as Hazari’s ears twitched.

“Are we in any danger?” she asked, touching Hazari’s arm briefly.

“Not at’ I can hear.” Clara spied Gannon just coming off the galleon and thanked Hazari, leaving her to her own devices and trying not to scramble to meet him. He was carrying supplies, and she followed beside him, taking some of the ropes from his arms.

“Thank you.” He grinned.

“You know what it is I want to ask.” She looked straight ahead, holding her breath.

“Not now. But soon. Maybe… maybe after everyone is asleep. Not a minute before.” He took the ropes from her arms and walked faster to get away from her. She wondered why he was so eager to hide his heritage. She supposed she should understand. Even though she tried hiding it from everyone around her, they found out. It had been hidden for eighteen years. She stood there, wondering how she’d done it in the first place.

Mallach noticed Clara walk off with the blond haired man that Pontus had first pointed out as a threat, and glowered. His hand on the hilt of his sword, he was ready to decapitate him… until Jupiter saw the curse taking hold and slapped him on the shoulder.

“Stop it, will you? She’s not a whore.” Mallach in took a large breath and let it out slowly.

“It’s not me, Jupiter. It’s the curse.”

“I know. You need to be strong, Mallach, don’t let it overtake you.” Mallach rubbed his face with his hands. She hadn’t been near to him since she’d admitted loving him. She had said she was exhausted of fearing what would become of them, of her, when the curse was broken. She had accepted her feelings, but he felt somewhere inside she still expected to be hurt. He couldn’t say that she wouldn’t be.

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