Chapter Six

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Andrea- Sexual magic.

Rory-Cursed magic

Javel-Vodoo magic

Savero-Hypnotic magic 

The fact that you are left with no choice but to choose who will teach you a certain type of magic made you frustrated.

You can't even leave, because you simply don't know where you are.

Yes, you are in America, but where exactly? You still haven't found out.

"Still haven't decided yet?" Angelo says, noticing that you are still holding the list.

"No, I don't even want to learn magic in the first place" you stress out, crumbling the paper in your left hand.

"But you seemed to adore Savero" your face heats up at the mention of the albino boy.

"None of your business, you are all kidnappers, nothing more" Angelo rolls his eyes at you before chuckling.

"You whine a lot like Sherif" you scoff.

"I don't even understand why my father would be friends with someone like you, he's religious and righteous-" the older man cuts you off.

"Religious? Righteous? Wow, who knew that Sherif was so serious about repentance"

You frown, upon realizing that your father seems to have had a dark past.

"So, does that mean my father used magic?" you inquire slowly.

"Yes, his specialty was time traveling magic" you gulp.

"Time traveling? How? That's impossible" Angelo shrugs.

"Not for your family, it runs in it for decades" you bite down on your lips.

You want to call him crazy, but after seeing real magic, you start to believe him.

Adding to that, Angelo is not the person to lie about something like this, he seems too serious for that.

"So, how did you meet...your students?"

The question causes Angelo to smile slightly.

"I didn't meet them, their families were already in the cult, and Andrea is my son" your mouth almost drops.

"That pervert is your son? You should teach him some manners, even though you lack them" you advise him with an insult.

"So, what do you choose"

You stay silent, looking down at the crumbled paper in your hand.

"Do you know about the Jinn? The Qareen?"

Indeed, you are starting to remember the creature who appeared to you that night in the bathroom.

"This is my specialty," Angelo says.

"But I have to warn you about something if you were to learn how to summon them" you gulp, letting him continue.

"It's hard to control such creatures, and if you dare to betray your deal with them, they will get rid of you"

Your expression remains the same, unaffected by his words.

"Why do you want to learn such magic? Didn't you say that you are against it?" you smile innocently at him.

"I'm just curious"

"Also, did you know that your father had me make him a spell so your mother could fall for him?" your eyes widen in shock

"For real?" Angelo nods in confrontation.

The reason why you didn't want Andrea to send your internet history to your father is simply because of one reason.

And it is that you have read and explored more about dark magic.

Something that your father considers against religion.

Against the (L/n)'s family morals.

However, it seems like your father is a hypocrite.

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