Wants to try new things together

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Speeches were given by our families, some turned out funny, embarrassing and heart touching

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Speeches were given by our families, some turned out funny, embarrassing and heart touching.

Dimitri made sure he had the entire crowd clenching their tummy's from laughing too hard and tears falling from their eyes from laughing to hard..

After they were finished, Lorenzo threw meaningless threats at Dimitri for embarrassing him infront of everyone at our table.

I stood infront of my husband as he grabbed a napkin. He wiped frosting on my lips and chin after we fed each other cake.

"You're an asshole," I pout and he smile down at me.

His pearly white teeth on full display along the with his dimples. They weren't deep but they were noticeable and cute.

"And you are finally my queen by law," he said and I couldn't help but smile at him.

He kissed my pouting lips before looking at the napkin in his hand. He threw it behind him and cupped my cheeks.

He licked the frosting from my chin and lips before kissing me passionately.

I felt tingles all over my body and he smirked.

"You guys, stop already!"

We pulled away and I laughed while looking at our siblings who looked at us with disgust.

"Save it for the honeymoon okay," Dimitri said with Saige in his lap.

"I guess I will because I'm not resting until-"

"Ok Romeo I rather not hear about the plans you have in mind for my daughter," dad said

Okay okay

Someone please change the topic

I looked down at the plate infront me and picked up the cake with my bare hand. I wiped it on to Lorenzo's face and everyone at our table started laughing.

"Babe!" Lorenzo groaned.

"You did it first," I smiled

"That's my little princess. If they plays rough you play?"

"Rougher," Saige and I said and dad laughed lightly.

Lydia passed me a napkin and I wiped my hands. I watched as my husband wiped cake and frosting from his face with a smile.

I'm surely going to regret doing that but whatever I deal with the consequences on our honeymoon.

"Calling the bride and father of the bride to the dance floor," the dj announced.

Dad and I got up and walked to the dance floor.


I sat down as I watched Lorenzo and his mother dance. They were both smiling as the conversate and dance.

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