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The Seven Deadly Simpson Brothers

Chapter 17 ~ Aftermath

First period of the day. Maths. A lesson that I shared with Walter Simpson.

I had been careful to avoid eye contact, still not sure if he was annoyed with me. I had forgiven him the second I stepped out of his home, but he didn't need to know that. To be honest, I was still annoyed about how Walter wasn't looking after himself, but the feeling that he too was annoyed with me was enough to erase my own anger and immediately want him to forgive me back. 

I took a glance at the black haired boy from across the classroom. I was glad we weren't sitting close to each other. I couldn't even pay attention to what Mr Dane was saying, I was too busy thinking about the argument we had had yesterday. Walter too wasn't focused as I could see when Mr Dane shot a question at him.

Walter just sat at the table, staring into space a little frown on his face.

"Simpson?" Mr Dane snapped.

Walter looked up and I could see from where I was across the room, that he was confused. 

"What?" he asked.

"Excuse me?" Mr Dane challenged. He was one of those teachers who was strict with politeness and wouldn't even let a student get away with not addressing him with 'Sir'.

"Erm, what?" Walter repeated, narrowing his eyes.

"Manners! You don't say what! You reply with pardon? Or sorry." Mr Dane raised his voice at Walter, bending his back in a patronizing way so that their faces were level. 

Everyone in the room could see that he was provoking Walter, but no one would say the truth later on. They'd either make it seem worse than it was, or say it never happened.

Walter smartly kept quiet. But even from where I was I could see that his jaw was clenched hard.

Mr Dane obviously wanted his face to be pounded in because he continued. "Did your mother ever teach you manners? Or wait...she wouldn't have, considering where you and your family is now."

That earned a gasp. How could a teacher say that to a student? Especially someone like Walter who had such a short temper.

"What are you going to do Simpson?" Mr Dane gloated quietly. 

This was unfair. And I'm sure it wasn't allowed either. The class were all looking around at each other wondering how the lesson turned out like this. No one dared to say anything though. No one would even think about defending a guy like Walter.

"That's what I thought," Mr Dane finished turning his back on Walter. 

And that's when he struck. Walter jumped out of his chair and pushed Mr Dane's back with such force that he went crashing into the whiteboard knocking off all the pens.

"Don't you even talk about me and my family like that," he growled and looked around to class his eyes catching my wide ones for a second. Then he was gone. Walked right out.

Nobody moved. We were all too shocked, and so was our teacher. Well it served him right! The utter dickhead.


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