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Fast forward>>>>>>>

( Victoria's POV )✨

Uhhh finally we'er back home oh how much i miss our house and i can't believe that we actually did 'IT' anyway i was actually hesitant at the beginning because i was protecting one of the most important things in my entire life and thats my virginity and it was stolen by the love of my life my husband kris i lay back on the bed while kris is taking a shower he gets out after a few minutes it's been like 4 days since we did 'IT' " hey babe" kris says " hey " i awkwardly reply " i'm gonna go take a shower " i say then walk to the bathroom, suddenly grabs me and kisses me hard i don't know why but this time it's different it's not smooth it's want and lust i try to push him away cause i'm out of breath but he squeezes my hand more tight "it hu..rts" i managed to say in between my unsteady breaths i push him harder but he wont even move he pushes me on the bed, and the fact that he only has a towel on and me wearing cut off tight shorts with a loose crop blue tee is just terrifying and we just did it a couple of days why now, i can't take this i surrender cause there is no use i started tearing up, he grabs the hem of my shirt and lifts it slowly "ahhh" i barley screamed he suddenly stopped i looked at him still tears in my eyes his eyes dropped I when he made eye contact with me, i stormed to the bathroom with tears dripping from my eyes  i started crying heavily i went out of the bathroom after calming myself he stood there with tears of regret in his eyes " im so so sorry pls i didn't know what got to me i reg-" i didn't let him finish i hugged him very hard " i forgive you and what will you do i don't blame you if you have a girl like me i wouldn't be able to control my self either" i said trying to smooth the tense mood he chuckled i kissed him passionately then broke the kiss.

1 month later>>>>

Uhh i'm so tired i've been vomiting everywhere and and my period is late and i'm craving weird stuff  like ice cream pizza which kris finds weird uhh i'm so frustrated " how about i take you to the hospital " kris says concerned " no uwwh-" i ran to the sink and threw the shit out of me kris came and took my hair away ohh he's so sweet unlike my smell " no -" " no buts to the doctor" he said,,,,,,,, we arrived at the hospital i'm laid on the bed i tell the doctor the symptoms or weird stuff she feels my stomach and says " congratulations you're 2 weeks pregnant " the doctor says happily " wait what " i say confused but we did use protection in the honeymoon i remember wait I remember  the last time we did 'IT' was did we use protection " did we " i asked kris " i don't think so " he said this is weird but i'm happy i think so... " are you happy " i asked kris " what me i i don't kknow " he said hesitant....(TBC)

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