Chapter Two

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"Took you long enough," Arthur grumbled as he began to prepare some pizzas that were ordered. "And what exactly are you doing with an apron on, twit?" He asked, frowning.
Alfred raised his eyebrows and looked down at him, the obvious height difference. "Well, I thought I could help."
"I don't need help."
"Ah, c'mon~" said a voice from behind them. Francis poked his head in between the two's shoulders. "Let the kid help you."
"Hey, I'm not a kid..." Alfred pouted.
"Yes, you are and you sure act like one when you pout like that," Arthur said as he frowned more, his blonde hair was messy as usual as his emerald eyes looked up at Francis, glaring almost even though he was speaking to Alfred.
Francis had a much difference appearance than the Brit. He had much lighter blonde hair and it was almost shoulder-length. He groomed his hair better as well and he had a deep amethyst eyes and had a slight stubble as well. They had a cat-dog relationship as well and Al always laughed at it, their fights always seeming like they were a married couple.
"Ayah! No fighting you two!" Their boss poked his head out of his office. He was an older Chinese man, he had long brown hair that was always kept in a pony tail. His name was Yao Wang and everyone made fun of him usually.
"Yes, Mr. Wang," Arthur and Francis said in unison, causing Alfred to snicker. He walked off and pulled his apron off, chuckling to himself. He looked around and realized that Ivan hadn't showed up yet. He frowned to himself and walked over to his boss' office. Yao had gone back inside after taking care of the others. Al knocked on the door and opened it, poking his head inside. "Hey, eh... Boss?"
Yao turned to him and frowned a little. "Yes? What is it, Al?"
"Well, I noticed that Ivan hasn't showed up yet, whats up with that?"
"Oh, Ivan is sick and can't make it. You will have to take care of his shift as well as yours."
Alfred groaned and walked off, shutting the door behind him. Two shifts at once? One was already enough for him.

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