I'd Rather Be In Love With... You Part 58

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BTW this chappy is just a fun sorta Chris/Fay/Nick/Nicky/Hanna chapter so yh I think u should like it hopefully!! XD And yes I know its short but thats because I cut it up to make the story a little longer in parts 4 u guys!! And there hasn't been that much of a wait right??? :/ Bloody well hope now! Ok I sounded british there, way to british!! I LOVE BRITISH PEOPLE!!! Just so no1 takes offence, lol ok off u go to read!!! XD


Part 58

The last two days were amazing!

We either stayed at home curled up in bed doing . . . stuff.

Or we went crazy hanging with Nicky and Hanna. It was perfect and there was nothing I would change, nothing could stop the way I loved him and nothing could stop the way he made me feel.

Sure, I knew soon he’d have to leave for practise and come home at late times, but I’m a night time girl and I never go to bed early so it works out perfectly! I’ll even cook if it meant staying up most of the night although; the lack of sleep I was getting lately was defiantly taking its toll on me.

“If I’ve kept count right, that’s like your fourth coffee today.” Nicky asked frowning as I sipped the plastic Starbucks coffee cup. I nodded and my eyes flew to Chris as he stood grabbing Hanna and his order.

“Well duh! Mr Rand has been keeping her up all hours of the night every night!” I almost dropped the cup and slapped Hanna across the arm as she winked at me, Nicky now smirking at me also.

“Should have known.” She tapped her nose and Chris returned passing Hanna her order and sighing as he leaned back in his chair.

“Where’s Nick?” I asked watching as he picked at the wrapped around his cup.

“Don’t know.”

“That prick stole my name!” Nicky yelled and we all looked at her with our eyebrows raised.

“Well that would depend on your age.” All our heads turned to see Nick walking towards us, a pair of black baggy jeans on and a guns and roses top on. He smiled at us and pulled out the free chair out next to Nicky. He turned winked at her and continued. “If you’re older than me then I’m very sorry that my parents loved your name but if I’m older then I believe you stole my name.”

Nicky’s mouth was wide and her eyes joined along as she shuttered.

“You’re older.” I told him for her and she returned a thank you smile my way.  

He looked back at her smiling wider as he pulled out his hand for her to shack and she took it weakly.

“That’s Nicky.” I said once again and he smiled again but at her.

“I believe you already know my name.” She nodded and he slowly turned to face Hanna.

“Hey, I’m Hanna.” She said and he took her hand also, introducing himself before looking at me.

“And you? How have you been?” He asked and I smiled back.

“Actually, pretty good.”

“Yeah, he’s been looking after her SO well.” Chris almost spat out his drink as he choked, his hand slapped his chest as he laughed along with Nick. I just stayed there, going red as I stared at her with my eyes wide and she simply shrugged. “What? We all know that’s the reason you’ve been drinking coffee all day. You’ve been moaning all night instead of sleeping.”

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