Chapter 24

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Their footsteps echoed silently as they hit the muddy floor. All they could hear was the distant rumble of the engine and the cold wind rustling. Neither man spoke a word, only communicating by eye contact and hand coordination.

Treading quietly, both males kept a cautious hand on the holster of their guns, eyes silently tracking any movement of human life.

Concealing their figures beneath the large bush that stood soundlessly, gazing at their target: a warehouse- a Russian warehouse.

Casper De Luca signaled his youngest son, Stefano, to follow him, darting under the cover of the night sky. Both men had been assigned to uncover who had bombed one of the Russian compounds.

It was hardly surprising that the Russian Mafia had gathered enemies as it climbed the power ladder to the top, but over the years no one had ever done something this dangerous other than them, of course.

So who the fuck was it?

And what would stop them from bombing the Italians?

Hours before the two De Luca men had arrived at the scene, they had swarmed the Russian compound with police, the AISE (Agenzia Informazioni e Sicurezza Esterna), and reporters, the blast attracting their attention.

Stefano sniggered under his breath, amused.

"What?" Casper asked, gazing at the lone building.

Stefano rolled his eyes, "Ivan Huntley hated the authorities, calling them 'annoying little bugs'. " He explained, shaking his head, "Just imagine Huntley's face crimson with rage, as this enemy of his basically invited everything Ivan despised to one of his warehouses."

"Only you Stefano," His father said, sighing in exasperation, "Only you would think of something like that in a situation like this."

Casper turned his attention back to the warehouse. Even though there were no civilians, Russian soldiers were crawling on every floor of the compound.

"Okay," Casper said, "You know the plan, right?"

Stefano scowled, stalking ahead, "Of course I do. It's not like we went over the plan a hundred times." He muttered sarcastically under his breath.

The plan was to divide and conquer. Casper had ordered some of his men to stay in the vehicle at the end of the road, in case they needed backup. The rest of his guards and Martin Murphy, their head of security, were already infiltrating the warehouse, searching for any signs of who may have attacked the Russians.

Casper and Stefano were supposed to explore inside, while the rest of the men scoured outside.

If the De Luca men were in any danger and needed help, they needed to have a safe word. A short, easy word, a word like 'apple'.

Apple? Even though it was an idiotic word, nobody could deny that it was an efficient and unsuspicious word.

The blast of the bomb had certainly lessened the security, damaging the doors and alarms.

They both sneaked through the ruins of the building, their footsteps silent.

"Босс слишком параноидально относится к безопасности." A Russian soldier commented, walking with another guard. The Boss is too paranoid about security.

The other man, tall and muscular, glanced nervously. "Мудак, хватит болтать," he snarled. Asshole, stop talking.

The first man was about to reply when something glinted in the darkness caught his focus. "What the fuck?!"

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