Chapter 30: Here we go again

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The next time I saw Reed was two days later and he was in the lunch queue with Jade.

“You really think Sonic are better than Beast?” she said with a laugh.

They couldn’t see me because I was behind them.

Cass looked at me then at them and said nothing.

“Sure they are, you have no taste in music” Reed said and I watched as the leech placed her hand on his arm and they both laughed.

“My taste in music is awesome thank you very much”

When he went to take his lunch I noticed that his right hand was slightly swollen and had heavy bruising on his knuckles but what hit me like a ton of bricks was his bare finger.

He wasn’t wearing his ring, the one that matched mine. I suddenly felt hot and shaky, I had to leave before I humiliated myself by bursting into tears again.

“I need the bathroom, I’ll be back in a minute” I said to Cass, she nodded “I’ll be waiting here”

Just as I turned to leave, Reed turned, probably cos he’d heard my voice and our eyes met, his darkened. I was stuck there, waiting for him to say something and studying his face as he studied mine.

I really missed him and I waited with baited breath for him to say something, anything. Instead he turned away.

I felt exposed and rejected, the dirty look I got from Jade telling me I was nothing to him now and that he was moving on, so should I.

“Katy are you ok?” Cass asked still looking between me and the back of Reed’s head.

 I saw him tense when I said “I’m gonna ditch” and had no idea what it meant.

“Where are you gonna go?”

“I don’t know, I’ll see you later” and walked away toward the parking lot.

I spent the rest of the day just driving around town, basking in my own self pity. Cass called me in Spanish to see how I was.

“Where are you?” she asked whispering down the phone, she’d told me that she was pretending to look for something in her bag.

“Just driving around town”

“Are you-“she began but I didn’t want to hear it.

“Yes Cass I’m fine, I just needed to get away”

“Meet me after school ok?”

“I was gonna just drive around more but ok, where?”

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