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Holly Forrester, District 7

I shoved Axel off the couch roughly, glowering at him. "Do not put your arm around my shoulders, you wimpy man-bitch." I hissed glowering down at his stunned face. Did this boy understand that I wasn't interested? Dammit I couldn't wait to stab him in the arena.

I glowered and turned away only to see the concerned expression of my district escort, Cleopatra. She looked half about to choke on the cake she had in her mouth, which I feel like would be amusing. I watched her force the cake down her throat, "Holly, dear-"

I snorted cutting her off, "How many times have I told you I'm not dear? Trust me I am anything besides a dear." I laughed dismissively. Cleopatra and I haven't exactly been on talking terms since she had told me I should just have sex with Axel because she was shipping us. What the hell was wrong with her? I think all that pink hair dye had killed off her brain cells.

Cleopatra rolled her eyes and placed herself delicately on the seat next to us tucking a strand of pink hair behind her ear. "Really Holly, don't be so childish." She said fixing her eyes on the television which was on mute and was displaying the pre-score talks with the gamemaker.

I raised my eyebrows and peered at her for a long second, she was calling me childish? Oh this was so going down. "Hmm, that's funny coming from the woman wearing the giant diaper!" I gestured to her hideous pants and her face snapped around in fury.

"You uncultured barbarian! They are called bloomers!" She said in utter dismay as if I'd just told her that her mother had fallen into bucket of man-eating acid. These freaks in the capital had to get their priorities straight.

I rolled my eyes leaning back into the couch, "You call them whatever you want if it makes you feel better about yourself." I smiled dismissively as I saw the capital logo fill up the screen. I yanked the remote from her hands and cranked the volume before she could respond. I glanced over at Axel and saw that he still sat on the ground where I'd pushed him. Stay, Fido." I thought irritably before turning my gaze back toward the television.

The capital man had purple hair piled atop his pudgy face like a beehive. He regarded the screen with seriousness as he looked down at the paper in front of him that held the scores. "And now, the moment you've all been waiting for; the scores." His voice was high and nasally, to the point it made me want to get up and go to another room.

He sigh and looked down at the paper raising his eyebrows, "From District 1, Georgette with a score of 9." A picture of the bitchy blonde girl appeared behind his face. 9 was a low score for a career, I bet she was pissed. I smiled at the thought.

"Also from District 1, Paisley with a score of 5." A picture of the aloof boy from one appeared behind him, wow. The careers were impressive this year. So scary, I thought sarcastically. "From District 2 we have Acadia with a score of 11 tying with her district partner Malcolm who also scored an 11." That hardly surprised me, the two acted like they were on steroids.

The purple man shifted the papers once again and took a deep breath as if all this talking was really giving him a workout. I smirked, lets be real, it probably was the hardest workout he's gotten in a long time. "In District 3 we have Runa with a score of 6 and Marvin with a score of 3." Well they were probably both bloodbath bait.

"From District 4 we have Cheshire with a score of....." There was a long pause as the man leaned forward and squinted at the piece of paper unbelievingly. "12. Its been awhile since we've seen that number! Hasn't it folks?" He said happily. "Her District partner, and twin, Jin scored a solid 8." My eyebrows raised at Cheshires score, I'd heard she was crazy but 12 was astronomically high.

"District 5's Celeste scored a 7 and her district partner, son of our victor from the 21st games Braven scored an 8. Moving on we have Karen from District 6 scoring an 4 while her district partner Mark scored an 7." He paused shifting the papers once again.

I glanced over at Axel who looked nervous, he stared at the screen in horrified transfixion as he braced himself for our scores. Cleopatra's bedazzled nail hands grasped my arm, what did she have to be nervous about? I just sigh, I really didn't give a fuck about what I scored. Really it wasn't as a big deal as everyone made it out to be.

"Holly from District 7 scored an amazing 10." I grinned as I realized that I had beaten Georgette, I felt a smile curling onto my lips. I bet that bitch was pissed right now.

"Woo! Go Holly!" Axel cried congratulating me, I choose to ignore him. Cleopatra smiled at me politely before 'shhing' him as his score was displayed on the screen. 7.

"Bravo, Axel. Not high enough to make you a target but not low enough to scare away sponsors."Cleopatra clapped her hands smiling at him. Well someone had no problem displaying that she had favorites. Stupid diaper lady.

"From District 8 Zeria scored an amazing 10 as well while Jack only scored a 3. In District 9 we have Emily with a score of 5. Her district partner Dagan scored-" The man choked off in startlement and stared at the paper in horror. "Well I've never seen this before. Dagan scored a 0." He looked up at the camera helplessly for a second in confusion. Well there was one person I didn't have to worry about..... How was it even possible to score a 0? That took some serious talent, I snorted.

"From District 10, Fawn scored an 3 and Stag scored a 6. Moving on from District 11 we have some of the best scores we've seen in years from this district. Willow scored an 9 while her district partner Kaiden also scored an 9." He smiled shifting the papers one final time to see 12's scores.

 "From District 12 Robin scored a 2 and Joshua scored a 7." The man set the cards on the table and smiled at the camera as if he thought he'd done something well and deserved a gold sticker- not. "There we have it, all of the training scores from the tributes! Be sure to tune in tomorrow for the interviews to really get to know the tributes. I'm signing out and I'll see you tomorrow!" And with that the screen went dark leaving me with Axel and Cleopatra.


It was a short chapter but really most scoring chapters are shorter. Anyway what do you think of the scores? Do you think the tributes deserved their scores? Should someone have scored more? Or less? And most importantly do you think the scores will actually affect the game?

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