The Training Session

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Cheshire Hydra, District 4

Everything was white and fluffy. Like clouds or marshmallows- except these were evil marshmallows from the darkest depths of tartarus. They kept me locked in this room, I had tried clawing my way through and even eating my way through to no avail. I was going to murder the squabblefinders that locked me in here! I would murder them and mount their livers on posts as trophies!

I'd woken up in here. I'd eaten here. I had plotted my revenge here. The flufferpuses pushed meals through a small hole in the bottom of the door each food-eating time. Time fused together and I had no clue as to what would become of me. The visionary set to change the world doomed to die locked in a room of evil clouds, it hardly seemed fit. Woe is Cheshire, woe the world shall soon be.

"Cheshire Hydra, we are here to take you to your training session...." I looked up spinning around, two squabblefinders standing uncomfortably in the doorway, not just any squabblefinders either. It was them, the ones who had shot me with the pink flower of sleep.

I bent forward onto my haunches and bared my teeth, creeping forward slowly. I wanted to savor decapitating them. I watched them exchange glances and take a step backward. "Cheshire if you don't come quietly I will be forced to tranquilize you...." The creature said nervously.

I reared my head, "Improper grammar!" I screeched "Call it by its scientific name; pink flower of sleep!" I screeched charging the offender and pouncing on him with the swiftness of a lion, digging my nails into his weak flesh. He froze looking at me in horror, knowing that he was as good as dead.

Something pricked be in the side, my head snapped around to see the flower budding from my skin. I hissed at it redirecting my gaze to the squabblefinders friend who stared at he shaking, holding a smoking rifle. My world started to blur, through the fog I knew I couldn't kill them both..... but I still had enough in me to kill the one pinned beneath me. I thrust my knee onto the squabblefinder's neck, crushing it in one fatal blow before I tumbled back into the darkness.


I awoke in The Room in Which the Mystical Numbers of Truth are Presented. The weapons hung from the walls glistening in the artificial light. I sat up slowly, my eyes scanning the dark crevices of the room for my attackers. I needed to finish destroying the surviving one....

"Cheshire Hydra! Over here!" A sharp heavily accented voice run from over my shoulder, my head snapped around to see a flock of flufferpuses sitting in an indent in the room eating very fattening food. I immediately became excited, either the sub-human species flufferpus wasn't afraid of keeling over from a heart attack or they metabolised food differently! This required further examination! "Yes, this is your private training session, please demonstrate your skills to us." The tall flufferpus with green hair spoke. "You have 7 minutes."

I laughed, that was more than enough time to dissect one of them! I put on my most charming grin (the one that has been known to make small children cry) and bowed slightly. "Its a pleasure to be here! Can I have a volunteer?" I asked, surprised I was capable of being so polite.

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