The Prolgue :)

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You are just a normal high school senior about to graduate, you hear about the Fifth Harmony summer Reflection Tour being a possibility and freak the fuck out. Will you be able to go? You will have to read to find out.

Hi I'm (y/n) and I am 17, I am a senior in High school. I have dark long hair and blue/green eyes. I live in Florida and I am a HUGE Harmonizer! Noone knows though... Except my fellow followers on twitter and of course my mom. My mom is a single parent and we wont talk about that shit right now(Dad is still in the picture). I am a only child yet I have many "adopted" siblings. My mom will take in my friends or her younger co workers(that are my age might I add) in as my new siblings. ITS GREAT! Except they cant know that I am practically IN LOVE with five very special girls, Fifth Harmony. Throughout my high school life those five girls who don't even know I exist, have helped me when noone else has. I owe my life to them. Can I just please tell them?? Will I ever be able to tell them??

AN: soooooo I wanted to try my hand at one of these pleaseeee comment and tell me what you think? And also im sorry if the description isnt a 100% what you look like but it will help me in the end :) Bye for noooow ~ Ariel

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