#50 Scott/Derek

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I snuggled deeper into the couch, Derek's cologne filling my nose.  I smiled in contentedness as I heard the steadiness of his breathing.  I hadn't even realized that I'd fallen asleep.

We'd been watching The Hobbit and I guess somewhere along the way, we'd both fallen asleep on the couch.  Part of me thought I should get up and around, but the other part of me wanted to stay here in Derek's warm embrace forever.  I let out a happy little sigh before lifting my head up and looking at Derek's sleeping face.

It's funny how someone can look so much different when they're asleep, as opposed to when there awake.  I don't mean so much physical feature wise, but the fact of seeing Derek without a sour scowl on his face was so foreign.  I hadn't really realized it either, what Stiles had meant by calling him sourwolf, until I'd started dating him.

He was always grumpy, though I could tell that he always tried to put on a better mood for me.  Though once you start dating someone for a while, you get to know them better than they usually planned.

I let a smirk grow on my face as an idea came to mind.  I repositioned myself so that I was on his chest now, instead of squished between him and the back of the couch, my face inches from his.  I sat there, my face hovering above his, but for some reason I was hesitant.

I was really tempted to kiss him awake, but something about this picture was just to perfect.  I bit my lip with a smile as I just sat there thinking it over.

"If you don't kiss me soon, I'll have to do it myself" Derek suddenly spoke up, startling me.  I jumped and almost fell off the couch onto the floor, but Derek was quick to steady me, placing a warm kiss on my lips.

"Morning Klutz" he grinned at me, that rare grin that was always great to see.

"Morning sleepy head" I grinned back, pecking him on the lips, before burying my face back into his shirt, just enjoying his embrace.


I know this one was short, but I thought this one was a really cute idea.  I promise the next one will be longer, but thanks for reading and I hope you all enjoyed!  I'll try and update again really soon!  ^_^

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