Dirty Justin Bieber Imagines

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~welcome home!~

(these are all dirty imagines if u dont like dont read! If you would like ur name to be featured in inbox me with your name)

(Yn) u are a model....and your boyfreind is justin bieber! You where waiting for him at the airport since you had just came back from you trip to london u felt someones lips touch your cheeck and instantly knew it was justin u jumped up and gave him a hug and kiss I miss you so much (yn) he said in a seductive voice yoy guys walked to the car and drove home


Justin got your bags and locked the car as you opened the front door you where instantly smashed against the wall by justin he started kissing you and taking off your jacket you guys then fell to the sofa he unzipped the back of your dress and pushed it off of you "baby I want to show you my love can I" he said between kisses "yes baby you dont need permisson" u said with that he threw your heels to the ground and tugged on your bra snatching it off doing the same with your panties you ripped his shirt off while unbuckling his belt and taking off his pants he then removed his underwear

He started rubbing your clit up and down getting you heated up and excited he then entered you with a steady pace you dug your nails into his back wanting more you wrapped your legs around his waist "faster justin faster" with thst he picked up the speed you felt a warm liquid explode from both u and him he shoved two fingers in tasteing the clear warm liquid "hmmmmm you taste so good baby" he said licking his lips u then flipped sides so now you where on him you rode him while he held your hips giving you a steady pace "fuck yes! (yn) " he moaned u kissed his lips harshley he then flipped sides again while rubbing your breasts he swirled his tounge around it playing with it "j-j-justin please" you said panting u needed him in you again "yes baby" he said teasing you "please I need you in me now "you said pulling his hair a bit "scream my name " he said still teasing you "justin" u screamed with that he entered you again he then grew tired and fell to your side u both then fell asleep cuddling


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