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Today was the day. Not the day of the war but the day when they would meet their entire army, the war would be tomorrow. Cancer sighed and got up, she quickly changed into her armor and tied her hair into a low bun. She looked at her reflection in the mirror, she seemed tired as they all were but also sad. She didn't want more death.

" Gooood morningggg!" Came Leo's voice as he barged into the tent.

" Can't you knock?" Asked Cancer grabbing her spear, this weapon was always her favorite.

" Uh there's no door duh, come Can can, we gotta get to alien galaxy," said Leo grabbing Cancer's arm and the two walked out of the tent and toward the ship.

" Uh that's not the name of the galaxy."

" Yeah well I can't pronounce it anyways, none of us can," said Leo who rolled his eyes.

" Also don't ever call me can can again," Cancer said with a laugh.

" Alrightyyy."

" Who gave him sugar he's so hyper," said Gemini as Leo began chasing after a squirrel.

" Not me, but anyways Gem-

Before Cancer could continue Remi came up behind Gemini and kissed her on the cheek, " Morning Gem, Hey Cancer," he said and Gemini blushed.

" Remi get your ass over here!" Shouted Scorpio and Remi raced over to her.

" So things certainly have changed," said Cancer with a laugh while Gemini blushed.

" Yeah, they definitely have, remember that board game we would always play back at the orphanage?" Asked Gemini and Cancer nodded.

" Well apparently the ship has a huge board game area and I found it!" Exclaimed Gemini holding out the board game called sorry.

" Omg I love that game," said Cancer.

" Mhmm, and before war we should definitely play it, with the others too," said Gemini and Cancer's smile faded.

If anything happened to them tomorrow then today would be their last day playing board games, their last day laughing, they last day being with each other.

" Hey don't worry about it Cancer, we'll all be fine," said Gemini and Cancer managed a smile. They all boarded their ship and were off to a faraway galaxy where their army would meet up and practice.

Cancer walked around the ship, Leo and Virgo were running around knocking on all the doors to annoy people. An annoyed Scorpio came out of the room and was chasing them with a bat.

" No don't hurt my beautiful face!" Shouted Leo who raced past Cancer.

Melanie, Pisces, and Capricorn were hanging out in the library talking about all their favorite shows and movies. Aquarius, Jake, Sagittarius, and Aries were hanging out at the bowling alley, however Aquarius was accusing Sagittarius of cheating.

" The lies!" Exclaimed Sagittarius while Aries laughed and ate popcorn.

Cancer smiled to herself and kept walking around. Jameson was locked up in his room and Elena was steering the ship along with Remi.

Cancer entered the room that had Gemini, Libra, and Taurus in it.

" Hey! You're just on time we were about to start playing, what color you wanna be?" Asked Gemini.

Cancer looked down at the pieces, the main thing on her mind was her grief, what if she lost these guys forever?

" Blue."


Sagittarius stood with the other zodiacs on the highest platform he had ever seen in his life, all around him were flying vehicles and building the shape and color of a bubble. The sky was turquoise and gold. The clouds were shaped as the future. Everything here was incredible, and the place was big enough to fit an army the size of a million creatures.

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