Not Guilty (SFW?)

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"The defendant is found... not guilty." The judge declared as she striked the gavel.

You sighed in relief as you won another case.

Your client smiled up at you while you just glared at him.

You greeted the prosecutor and the jury and then went home.

"My gosh babe. You can't just rely on me all the time, just because I'm an attorney. It's hard defending a criminal when the other party has a ton of evidences of you being one." You ranted as you opened the door to your apartment

"Alright, alright. I'm sorry. Let me make it up to you, yeah?" Your client, who was also your boyfriend, smirked as he pulled you closer by your waist.

"Yeah yeah whatever. Just.. be careful next time okay?" You sighed as you blushed at the closeness.

"Oh baby, but you're like a crime. Something a criminal does, and owns." He whispered lowly into your ear, stroking your back from under your shirt with his large hands.

Well, I guess he needs another trial because he's about to destroy his own property.

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