Masky X Reader X Hoodie, Part 1: The Cheezcake Theives

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It was already 3:00am, yet you were still in your room, solving dreary math puzzles, and eating... CHEESECAKE! Your mind was only half on your cheesecake. If you failed this, you would drop out of school! "Eerg.." You said. After all, you just reached problem 9 million (At least it felt like it!) and now the problem was:

9897 x t.298909809098098 + z.192123434290 - w.20389756367143-6.982430980.

Your fork reaching out, it hit the plate with a dull clang! and whisked you out of your thoughts. Your plate was... Empty? But you just sneaked up another 18 inch cheesecake! How could you have finished without even starting in the first place? Taking a quick scan of the bedroom, you discovered two masked men in hoodies climbing out of your window carrying the cheesecake.

Total shock filled your body, but by the time you got the nerves to react, the masked men dropped stealthily outside your house and running into the night, (AKA down the street/crashing through your garden, your choice. Do you want your garden crushed or them running down the street?)

Your mouth opened midscream, but you stopped, suddenly rembering it was 3am. Closing your mouth immideately, you peeked out the window. The masked men turned around and you saw their faces (MASKS WHATEVER) clearly. One had a grusomely white face with large, black gaping circle covering his eyes and a pair of small, painted black lips. The other had a frieghtening black mask with deep, bloodred circles covering his eyes and a simple bloodred line indicating a deep frown.

Pulling out a knife, they advanced to your front door...


Damn! Right when we pull of a FANTASTIIC cheesecake robbery, that girl HAD to turn around and see us. Well, she was kinda cute... WAIT, WHAT AM I THINKING? BAD MASKY! BAD MASKY! I'm a killer! I don't feel love for anyone exept Hoodie! Running (Whatever you chose earlier, down the road or througt the garden), I turned back to check, along with Hoodie. All these years together mean we have almost a mental telepathy. That girl was gaping at us...

The first thing in my mind was: OMFG SLENDERMAN IS GONNA KILL US WE LET SOMEONE SEE US FK FK FK FK FK FK FK! As cute as that little bastard was, we still had to kill her. And her family. Turning to Hoodie, he nodded (See, that telepathy thing from eariler.) Brandishing my brand new knife, it gleamed in the moonlight. Together, Hoodie and I stepped forward in perfect cordination and walked up the porch to the front door...


Wow. That girl was sexy. Her H/C hair twirled around her head in a beatiful bun in the back of her head (Okay to you haters out there JUST PRETEND YOU HAD A FUCKING BUN YEESH), her slender body was leaning against the chair in a perfect arch. However, her eyes were what caught me the most. Her E/C eyes were a sparkling innocent veil of beauty. However... this little beauty had to be watched. Had she noticed yet? Turning around, the girl was just staring at us with awe all over her beautiful face. (Ok, Ok, I know I use the word Beauty and Beautiful to much deal with it). Actually, come to think of it, thats not the right word. Try "look of absolute horror." The first thing in MY mind was:

Damn. That girl is sexy. Shame she had to turn around. Now she gonna die, and its all because of a little head motion. Ah well. Slendy(I can't use Slender cuz I already said slender as an adjective) would kill us otherwise. Only milliseconds apart, we both brandished our knives. While he just got a brand new one, by was rusty and was tainted with a little bit with blood, but still gleamed with honor. What a shame... A dreadful shame. We'll save hher for last then, I suppose.

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