The Girlfriend

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The Girlfriend

Adam was divorced with a five year old son named Jeff. That is, until he met her. His one and only new girlfriend Regina.

One night, Adam had to stay late at his work. He left Regina in charge of Jeff. He had never left Regina alone with Jeff,(fearing that she might let Jeff loose or something), but tonight was urgent. He had to. So he did. The last thing he saw of them was a sly grin on Regina's face and a worried look on little Jeff's face. But Adam thought they were playing around.

At around two thirty A.M, he got a phone call from his neighbor, telling him that she heard Jeff screaming. He thanked her for notifying him and left his work.

When he finally got to his house, he right away had a feeling that something was wrong. He crept in his house. "Regina! Are you and Jeff okay?" Adam called out. "I'm in here Addy." A voice called out. Adam assumed it was Regina's and followed the voice's direction. He followed the voice into Jeff's bedroom. On Jeff's bed, lie Jeff's body. Except it wasn't alright or normal, he was skinned...
Adam gasped and felt like he was being watched. He turned around and a few moments later, his lifeless body was put next to Jeff's.

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