E is for Exercise

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Now, this chapter is towards the men who are reading this. Exercise is vital for you to get anywhere. If you are not strong physically, what girl would ever want to look at you? But what is essential? Strong arms and strong abdomens are essential. Why do you think Taylor Lautner is so successful? Because he has abs. Every girl loves a nice set of abs. This chiseled outline clearly displays your strength.

This may be a strange example, but stick with me here fellas. Your strength can be described through pudding cups. Just give me a chance to explain. No one likes warm pudding cups or even room temperature pudding cups. Sometimes they get a bit watery at that stage and then it's just plain gross. Your abs need to be like frozen pudding cups. I'm not talking about just frozen pudding cups. I'm talking -200ºC frozen. It should never thaw. Ever. Once your abs melt, it's a lot harder to get back. This is true for most things in life. Excellence is easier kept than achieved. (This is probably one of the only times when my sarcasm can also be interpreted as wisdom.) This is why it is essential to keep your pudding cups thoroughly frozen at all times. Arms are the same thing, but instead of pudding cups, it's more like ziplock bags of pudding.

And it's always important to remember: the more non metaphorical pudding you eat, the more your metaphorical pudding will thaw.

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