Chapter 1

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Deans P.O.V.

"Get up dean! hurry up were going to be late!!" Sam yelled while jumping on my bed.

"get off of me!!" I say while pushing Sam off my bed, sam just gives me a bitch face "Dean i don't want to be late for our first day of our new school" I sit up "why does it matter? we could be leaving this place in about a month?"

sam's face turns angry "maybe this school will be different and if we like it we can stay, you turn 18 in a couple months, you will be old enough to take care of both of us on your own,

if dad lets us stay for that long, we could stay here until we finish school" I sigh and look at the ground,

I felt bad for sam I knew he had always liked school, and I knew one day he was going to go to a great collage and be a smart kid.

"yeah maybe Sammy" I say, sam just rolls his eyes and walks out of the room. I let out a long sigh, our dad, John, travels a lot because of his job and hes not home a lot but when he is he is usually drunk and hits me,

he has tried to hit Sam but I would never let that happen I always steps in when our dad is drunk and angry.

I felt bad for him, after our mom, Mary, died in a fire when sam was 6 months old, John has never been the same. I shake these thoughts out of my head and get up to get ready for school. After I get dressed in my AC/DC shirt and old blue jeans, I head downstairs towards the kitchen when I see sam reading a book, as usual.

I smile to myself and say "nerd" sam looks up from his book and glares at me then continues reading his book. Once both of the us eat breakfast I grab my leather jacket and we head towards my 1967 Chevy Impala, which our dad gave me for my 16th birthday. I start the engine and smile on the inside and out, sam notices me and smiles with me.

when we arrive at the school sam and I walk up to the attendance office together, we are greeted by a smiley teacher and she hands us our schedules. "there will be two students from your grades showing you around today, there!! Castiel and Gabriel Novak!!"

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