chapter 13

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Hailee's POV

The sun was rising,the sound of the waves and her by my side made this moment look like it was captured from a movie.
Her head was laying on the pillow while her hair was covering her eyes.I softly moved them behind her ears and i noticed something in her exposed back.
Running my finger against the tattoo that i've never seen before she says something with her sleepy voice.

"You're tickling me."

"Hey you're awake."

"Mhm."she closes her eyes as i move my finger around in her back.

"I didn't know you had a tatto.It's really beautiful."

"It was my 18th birthday and i was really drunk so me and my friend decided to tattoo our favorite animals in each other backs

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"It was my 18th birthday and i was really drunk so me and my friend decided to tattoo our favorite animals in each other backs.Her's was a dragon and mine was a snake.I don't know why we chose to do it in our back because it was a pain in the ass and i still remember the pain that i went through ."she says and i love it when she tells me stories about herself.

"I want to do this with you too."i say giving small kisses to her neck.
"I would love that."she says and i lay my head on her chest as she puts one hand around me and with the other plays with my hand.
She makes me feel safe like it doesn't matter where we are it feels like home.I am free and myself around her and that's what i've always wanted.

"What are you thinking in that cute little head of yours?"she asks me.
"What should we eat for breakfast."

"I'm craving some waffles right now really bad."
"Mhh im not hungry for something sweet.I want bacon."i say.
"Okay then you get bacon and i get waffles."
she says as we both get up and get ready to go eat.
I really like this place.It's quite and there's no one around.I would love coming here more often.

We sit at our table and while waiting for the order we look at the view of the beach.

I take my phone and take some pictures of us.
"Let's do one like jack and rose."she says and gets behind me.
"You're so stupid but you're my stupid."i say and rest my head on her shoulder.
The waiter took our picture and invites us to eat.

After we finish eating we get up to go for a walk.
"I'm so full right now all i want to do is lay down."
"Well you ate your bacon and half of my waffle what did you expect?"
"Shut up."
While we're walking y/n catches me off guard and takes me on her arms and spins me around.

We both fall on the sand and look at the sky.
"The sun is annoying."i say and she gets on top of me .
"Is this better?"
"So much better."i say with a smile and she gets down to kiss me.
At that moment i get a text.

Hey Hailee they need us on
set in 1 hour cause we have to
shot some scenes out of the town.
So it's going to be some days.
Pack whatever you need and don't
be late.

"Ugh fuck."
"What's wrong?"
"They need me for some scenes in 1 hour and they're out of town so it's going to be some days.I'm really sorry to ruin this."
"Shhhhh you didn't ruin anything i get it.Let's go home so you can get ready then i'll take you there okay."she says and it makes me feel so much better knowing that she understands me.

We arrive at my house and i go pack my suitcase.
"I'm leaving you the keys to the house so you can come and feed Martini and also stay if you want."
I show her where the food is and we get to the car.

"I'm going to miss you soo muchh."i say and give her kisses on the face.We're both with caps on and sunglasses so paparazzi can't see us.
"I'm going to miss you more.And don't put so much pressure on yourself okay?Make sure to sleep and eat or i'll annoy you texting every hour."
"I will i promise."i say and we kiss for the last time and i leave.

It's only been one hour and i miss her i don't know what i'm going to do till she gets back.She was going to film in New York and that's really far.

First i went home to take a shower and some clothes cause i decided to sleep at her house.I got the bag ready and wore something comfortable cause i was heading to the gym.After that i'll get back here take the bag and also Cookie with me.I hope he goes well with Martini.

We decided to also open a zumba class in our gym.I had been thinking about it for a while and finally we did it.It was my first day and i was kinda anxious.

When i entered there were already people there.Mostly moms but young girls too.
"Okay ladiess let's get this started."

After we finished i greeted everyone and fixed some things around the studio and drove to my house to get Cookie and my bag.

                                               Heyyy love
                                                 How was your flight?

Hiii sweetie i miss you
Exhaustinggggg my back hurts

                                          I wish i was there to make
                                               you feel better☹️

I want you here too;/
Where are you?

                                            On your couch hahaha

Awww that's cute.
Don't watch himym without me tho

                                           I would neverrr🙅🙅

I'm really tired and i've to wake
up early in the morning so im going
to sleep.
Good nighttttt😽😽

                                                  Night nighttt🫶

Cookie and Martini's relationship is going really well.I expect them to fight with each other but they're just playing with one of martini's toys.
I make sure to fill their bowls with food and water and sit on the couch.
I decided to watch Lucifer and that's what i putted on.

A/N:Hiii i'm really sorry for not updating before.School started and i don't have much time but i'll try to update more often.🫶

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