Secretly Dating Love Trope (SFW)

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"Yeah, they're inseperable. You'd almost think that they're lovers, but they're really just very close friends." Your friend told your new classmate as she pointed to you and (his name).

"Ah... so he's single?" Your new classmate smirked as they inched closer to (his name).

You tried to act unintrested by looking away, but in reality, your heart was pounding like crazy as you waited for his reply.

"Yeah, I'm single." Your heart was crushed into a million pieces as you heard his reply.

When you were about to stand up and leave the room, you felt someone grab your wrist.

"Yeah, I'm single. But not for long I hope. I kinda have a crush on someone here." He continued while he was holding your wrist and looking at you.

"Oh my.. hold on, I just transferred here and you already like me?" Your (stupid, clueless, motherf*cking) classmate said.

"Stupid. Of course not. The person that I like.. is the same person who I am holding."  He glared at your classmate and then smiled at you.

Your friend gasped as she took a picture of you and (his name).

"Unbelievable. I thought you and (your name) were just friends." Your classmate rolled their eyes.

"Will you be my lover, (your name)?" He smiled, ignoring the annoying b*tch. You chuckled as you nodded.

Guess your relationship wasn't a secret anymore.

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