It All Started With Hello Ch.12


As we danced to a different Mindless Behavior song, Artemis and Prince walked out of Artemis's room holding hands and smiling.

I smirked and opened my mouth to give a smart remark.

"What y'all was doing in there by yourselves?" I smirked. Artemis glared at me as everyone turned to look at them.

"We were talking." Artemis answered.

"Yeah. Talking. Y'all know y'all was getting it in." I said and did a rude gesture. Everyone laughed as Artemis glared at me and Prince blushed.

"We were talking. Why must you be so rude and inappropriate with Ma'Kayla here, Isis?" Artemis snapped as she walked in the kitchen to check on the food.

"What is Isis talking about, Prodigy?" Ma'Kayla asked.

"Nothing. She's just being funny." Prodigy told Ma'Kayka then tickled her to change the topic. Jari looked a little sad he was paying attention to Ma'Kayla, but she also looked happy. Looks like Prod is good with kids. I wonder how Roc is with--

"Hey Greece. When will the food be done?" Ray asked.

"In a few." Artemis answered and the boys groaned.

"Hey Horus. Prod. Have y'all notice that y'all look alike?" Alexa asked. Horus and Prodigy looked at each other with confused looks.

I guess they kind of do look alike. Horus had his big black headphones on his head and so did Prodigy. Prodigy didn't have on any glasses. They have the same type of jaw line, too.

"No we don't." Horus and Prodigy said together.

"Yes, y'all do." Everyone said. Brittany took a picture of Prod and Horus standing next to each other then put it on Instagram.

We all checked to see how many people would like and comment on it. Brittany got a lot of likes and comments that said they looked just alike.

"It's almost scary how alike y'all look." Jari stuttered playfully.

"And its almost scary how you've been single for three years." Horus laughed. We laughed with him.

"I'm single by choice." Jari cut her eyes.

"But I thought relationships made you depre--" Juno started to say, but Jari threw a pillow at her.

"Relationships make you what?" Prodigy asked Jari as he stopped playing with Ma'Kayla.

"Uh..." Jari stuttered.

"Food's done." Artemis said, saving Jari.

"Yes!" Roc shouted and jumped up. The boys followed him.

"Wash your hands," Artemis scolded them. "And ladies first, anyway."

They pouted, but let us go first. After we washed our hands, Artemis handed us bowls filled with chicken and rice.

"Ma'Kayla, go bring this to Poppy. He's in his room. Be careful, baby girl." Artemis told Ma'Kayla.

"Okay, Artty." Ma'Kayla smiled and floated to the back of the house.

"That's my new girlfriend, right there." Prodigy laughed as he got his bowl.

"Aww! Prodigy that's so sweet!" Juno teased as the boys walked back into the living room and sat down on the sofa. Horus sat down on the tile floor.

"No eating on the sofa." Brittany said. "Y'all gonna have Miss Wendy kill us."

"Oh. Sorry. We'll sit on the floor with Horus." Ray said. Ma'Kayla came back into the kitchen, got her bowl, and climbed onto a chair in the small dining room. We sat at the table with her.

"How do you not have enough chairs?" Alexa asked.

"How come you ain't eating?" I smirked.

"Because we haven't said grace." Ma'Kayla said. "Go ahead, Artty. You pray."

Artemis said a quick grace and we dug in. It was silent for a long time. All that was heard was forks scraping on the bowls.

Man, Artemis can cook!

"A woman that is smart, beautiful, kind spirited, talented, and can cook? Man, I just got the world. My life is complete." Princeton said and kissed Artemis's hand. Artemis smiled widely which caused all of us to smile.

"Aww! You guys are so cute!" Brittany sighed.

"Really though, but not as cute as Roc and I." I laughed.

"Yeah. Me and my bae so cute, if you cute us open we'll ooze cuteness." Roc said.

"That was a horrible comeback." I patted his arm. I bit my lip as I felt his arm a little bit.

Damn! That felt good! Is this boy really fifteen?

My phone vibrated in my pocket. I took it out and unlocked it.

"Ooh! A Galaxy S3?! You're left handed?" Roc gasped. I gave him a look that said, "Stupid"

[How does his arm feel?? -Princess]

[Ahskfksishduwdogjj !!!-Royalty]

Artemis started laughing as she stared at her phone. Everyone turned to look at her.

"Are you alright, Princess?" Brittany asked.

"I'm f-fine. Just laughing at a text." Artemis whipped a tear. I started laughing with her.

"Now we know it was something Isis texted her." Ray smirked.

"I bet it had to do with Isis feeling all up on Roc's arm," Prince laughed. I stared wide eyed at him. "What? You thought no one, but Artemis saw that?"

I blushed as everyone laughed. Karma's a bitch.

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