Chapter 1

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Chapter 1:

Today is the first day of school.

I am a senior and next year I finally get to leave high school.

So I just woke up, and I only have twenty minutes to prepare...

Great! (note the sarcasm)

So I hurriedly went to the bathroom brushed my teeth, quickly showered and changed into my normal everyday way which is a shirt, my favorite biker boots and skinny jeans...

I went down grabbed a piece of bread and left

I could hear my mom saying goodbye but I was too much in a hurry

I checked the time and it was already 7:25, my bus will be arriving soon...

So I ran to the bus stop.

As i was about to seat on the bench and rest for a while, but my bus arrived.

Oh well... I guess I just have to do all these things in the bus!

I went in and sat next to my friends

Marley, Natalie and Mike

"Hey Elmo!" Mike greeted me

"I told you! Stop calling me that!" I whined

"Well, nice to see you too Elmo!" Mike said obviously trying to annoy me

I realized that there was no point in arguing, so I just simple shrugged it off

"Hey Marley and Natalie, good to see you guys!" I greeted the girls

"How about me?" Mike said with a fake hurt look

"Hey Mickey Mouse! Didn't you there!" I said grinning and messing his hair

"Hey don't call me that!" Mike said glaring at me

"Well, don't call me Elmo!" I said smiling at my victory

We were always like Mike is like my brother and I've known him and Marley since well... Since birth!

Yeah, we were called the Three Muskateers!

When we were three years old their mom tried to teach Mike how to say our names and he called me Elmo because he couldn't pronounce say my name correctly...

The Mickey Mouse thing started when he was forced to go as Mickey Mouse when we went trick or treating when we were five...

Ever since then we always annoyed each other with the nicknames we both came up with

We met Natalie at freshmen year, when her and Marley became lab partners...

She eventually became part of the group...

I honestly, I think there's something going on with Natalie and Mike...

Shhh! Don't tell anyone!

When we got to school we immediately went to the principal's office and got our schedules

When I got mine, Marley grabbed my schedule before I even saw a letter!

Yay! Me and Emmy have biology and math together! She exclaimed

"Yay!" We both squeal, giving each other a high five

"Ok and me and Mike have Science together!" Natalie exclaimed

Me and Marley exchanged looks and grinned... We smell love!

"Ok guys, as much as I'd love to chat, I really gotta go!" Natalie said

Natalie said rushing to her locker

"Me too!" Me and Marley said at the same time so...

"Jinx!" We both laughed

"You owe me a soda!" She said

"Ok fine!" I answered smugly

"Ok I really gotta go! Bye!" I said waving at the twins

I was on my locker when the popular clique arrived

Oh no!!! I have to do this quick or else the hallway will be very crowded

It was like this every, people waited for the to see "what's in and what's not"

Those people are like gods and goddesses, people look up to them!

So I ran down the hallway and went to my first class which is English

I say on the seat at the back, cause it was one of the only seats left

There were only two left so I hope my new seat mate will be cool...

Tic tic tic tic tic tic

Ok this class is so boring! I'm sure I'm not the only one getting bored cause the whole class were either sleeping or doing something else...

Well everyone except the nerds in front

That was a rule in every classroom:

The nerds shall stay in front

They usually do that because the nerds are the ones who are paying attention and if they pay attention the teacher won't really mind us cause they're the ones in front and teachers think we're paying attention too...

I know it doesn't make sense...

It's hard to explain...

I checked the time and noticed that it has only been five minutes since class started...

This is killing me!

I was about to fall asleep, but I heard a knock

I look up and saw Ryder Philips

The most popular guy in school

"Uhh.. I'm sorry sir, for being late" he said running his hand on his hair

I can literally hear the girls drool around me and its disgusting!

"That's ok, seat anywhere you like" The teacher answered

"Ok sir" Ryder answered politely

Wow... This guys is such a kiss up!

Then I remember that the only empty seat left was the one beside me

Ohhhhhh hell no!

Author's note:

Chapter one everyone! Haha that rhymed :)) Anyway, please fan, like or comment, it would mean a lot :)) Thanks! Hope you enjoy!

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