Chapter 8

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Prince- So bre how old r u

Bre- 15 u

Prince- Wow ur young and short I'm 16

Bre- wow 1 year older.

Prince- lol

( bre trying to swim)

Prince- u got it

Bre-yea a little.

Prince- Well let me help u

( prince goes behind bre and puts his hands around her waist.)

Prince- now kick your legs.

Bre- like this

Prince- yea just like that.

Alexis- what the hell yall doing over here talking bout yea just like that

Bre- if u would have heard he was teaching me how to swim

Alexis- oooo ok

nesha- um

Prince- I wonder what ray and caca talking bout

(back with ray and caca)

caca- your face is just so cute

Ray- thank you

caca- I'm sorry the reason I was picking with you because I saw u checking me and I'm not going to lie I was peeping you to but this are first day meeting and I didn't want to seem like a.....(cut off by a kiss)

( complete silence as we walk to the boys beach house)