Chapter 2 - Summers End

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“Look I have to be getting home,” I said.

“I’ll walk you” he said with a big goofy smile on his face that I have come to fond over the past couple of hours.

“I think I can walk myself” I stated.

“No I want to, in case someone spills ice-cream on you.” he joked.

“Okay fine, we’ll walk along the beach.” I gave up too quickly.

We got up and headed towards the beach. It was beautiful the sun was just about set the sky was full of oranges and pinks, it looked like a movie.

“I would love to live here it’s just so calm and peaceful.” I said looking over the sea.

“Don’t forget beautiful” he said looking into my eyes. “And it is pretty cool to live here,” he said.

We walked all the way to my house which we found was just to be a little under half a mile.

“This is it,” I stated.

“It’s cute just like you,” he said with a smile on his face.

The house is a single level white house with a porch backing onto the beach.

I went bright red at his comment.

I was shocked that he said that, and yes I felt that he was cute as well I did like him.

“I got to go my mom would be wondering where I am,” I said turning to the house.

“Bye,” he said waving his hands in the air as I made my way up the stairs, I couldn’t help but smile he was so funny and perfect for me.

As I walked into the house still blushing my parents were there eating some pizza.

“How nice of you to join us Isabell,” my dad said.

“Sorry I got caught up watching the sunset,” I said hoping that they wouldn’t see through my lie.

“Did that boy have anything to do with that sunset,” my mom said pointing at where he was sitting down in the sand, seeing through my lie.

“Umm, no” I turned and ran to the shower.

I came out of the shower put my top in the washer had some dinner read a book but the whole time I was thinking of Matt he was really nice and sweet and I really liked him.

My parents would just say it’s a summer romance and to stop it so I don’t get hurt.

 I didn’t care I liked him we get along and he’s really hot.

* * *

Running down the beach in the morning is the best you get the fresh morning air; it helps me to clear my head from all my worries.

“Hey, hey” I heard someone calling behind me.

I turned to see Matt running up the beach he reached me he pulled out my phone.

“Where did you find this?” I asked thankful to get it back.

“You left it at my place yesterday,” he replied.

“Thanks,” so thankful that he had found it.

I couldn’t stop myself from look at his body he had muscle he had abs and his arms... he was really quite good looking.

“So are you doing anything today?” Matt asked.

“Just hanging around the beach so, no,” I answered.

“I’ll pick you up at ten,wear something you can walk in,” he told me before I had time to answer he was running down the beach to his house.

I stood there stunned, with my phone ringing I check the caller ID it was Steph.

“Hey,” I said.

“Hey how’s the holiday going, it’s so boring here without you,” she said in her hypo silly voice.

“It’s been great,” I said a bit out of it.

“Okay what’s on your mind?” she asked. Boy does she know me well.

“I think I just got asked out on a date.” I stated.

“No way!” she exclaimed “is he hot? What does he look like? Where are you going?” she asked all in a rush.

As I walked back to the house I told her how we met (which she thought was hilarious) what he looked like and all the rest.

I got home at 8:30am I a had bowl of cereal; a shower and got changed into some mini shorts a white singlet and canvas shoes.

I was ready by 9 so I decided to sit out the back and draw the beach. In no time I heard the doorbell ring I sprung up crabbed my phone and wallet and met him at the front door.

“You look nice,” he said kissing me on the check when he did I got butterflies.

“Thanks. You don’t look that bad yourself” I said referring to his board shorts and t-shirt, “now where are we going?” I questioned.

“Surprise but trust me you’ll love it,” he said.

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