Chapter Five: Just Shut Up and Drink Your Tea

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Chapter Five: Just Shut Up and Drink Your Tea

      “A motorcycle?”

      “Please don’t tell me that you’re one of those loser girls who’s going to refuse to get on it because you’re scared or some shit like that,” Luke groaned, already hopping onto the vehicle.

      “I’m not,” I said, not yet mounting the bike, for I was still admiring it. It was such an interesting object. In my book, motorcycles were the epitome of cool. There was something about them that drew me in. Maybe it was the aspects of danger and elicitation that came along with them that made them so alluring. In my dismal world, however, they were forbidden, and it sucked. “I like motorcycles. I bought one a few months back, actually.”

      “So, you have one?” he questioned, his interest materializing.

      “No,” I shook my head, the melancholy memory filling me. “When my parents got the bill for it, they made me return it.” A sigh escaped my lips as I thought back to my mother’s overreaction. One would’ve thought that I had announced to the world that I was moving away to Spain (boring country—too much Spanish) to become a hobo with the type of response she gave. It was amusing, but I got my bike taken away, so nothing good really resulted except for getting a rise out of Elle. I laughed lightly, continuing to speak, “But, on the bright side, I did learn a very important lesson from the whole experience.”

      “And what would that be?” he intersected his arms across his chest.

      “Always pay in cash,” I smirked, “it’s less traceable.”

      “Very true,” he nodded, matching my expression. “So, are you going to get on, or are you going to break down, crying, and admit that you’re truly terrified?”

      “It’s a motorcycle, not my maternal grandmother—there’s no reason for me to be scared of it,” I rolled my eyes, moving closer over to the motorized machine. Swinging a leg over the base, I situated myself rightly on the seat, so that I was behind Luke, though not yet making contact with him.

      “I don’t feel like getting into a disagreement about you not wanting to hold onto me, because, believe me, it’s a lie, and if you don’t hold onto me, you’ll fall off, and possibly die,” he stated, his case rather valid. It wasn’t the type of thing that was going to win an argument on a debate team, but it was still pretty damn persuasive, nonetheless.

      “I wasn’t planning on initiating an dispute of the sort,” I returned, cautiously placing my arms so that they circled around his leather-clad torso. My grip was snug enough so that I wouldn’t fall off, but loose enough so that my basic mentality of my personal boundaries was still marginally met.

      “Ready?” he called, starting the engine so that it revved, my body vibrating along with everything else to which I was connected.

      “Do you know where you’re going?” I asked anxiously.

      “Yeah, that café—I pass it every day on the way to school. Never gone it, though,” he remarked.

      “Well, then I suppose this will be a new experience for the both of us,” I mused.

      “How? You’ve been there before,” he grunted.

      “Yeah, but never with a poser…like you,” I smirked at my words. In response, Luke decided to do the mature thing and jet out of the school’s parking lot as fast as he could, causing me to hold on tighter to him, so that I didn’t fall off. What a sweetheart …in an alternate universe, of course.

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